Workers' Compensation

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Q: What exactly is workers' compensation? Q: What should I do if I am hurt at work? Q: Do I have a claim if my medical condition was pre-existing? Q: Do I really need a workers' compensation lawyer, and if so, what does it cost? Q: Can I be denied benefits if the injury was my fault? Q: Can I be fired if I retain a lawyer and make a workers' compensation claim? Q: How long do I have to be employed before I am covered for workers' compensation? Q: Can I go to my own doctor for a workers' compensation injury? Q: What do I do if my claim is denied by my employer or workers' compensation carrier? Q: How much do I receive for my weekly temporary disability under workers' compensation? Q: Are illnesses such as lung conditions or heart attacks covered? Q: Does "occupational" disease cover orthopedic and neurological conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or degenerative joint or disc disease? Q: Do I have to lose time from work to have a valid workers’ compensation claim? Q: What is permanent partial disability and how do you go about receiving it? Q: Do I qualify for permanent partial benefits if I am no longer working for the employer where I was injured? Q: Can I receive Social Security disability benefits and workers' compensation benefits? Q: Can I receive public employment pension disability benefits, Social Security benefits, private disability benefits, and workers' compensation benefits? Q: How much does a lawyer cost? Q: Is there any limit as to when a claim must be filed? Q: How are permanent partial disability benefits determined?

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