You don’t have to be involved in a workplace accident in order to be hurt on the job. In fact, WEAR and TEAR injuries, also known as repetitive stress injuries or RSIs, are the most common cause of workplace injuries in the U.S.

That’s because any kind of repetitive workplace activities, from using a computer keyboard or touchscreen, to swinging a hammer, to scanning groceries at a checkout, can cause WEAR and TEAR injuries over time. Here are some of the most common causes of workplace RSIs.

Computer Use

Computer use is perhaps the most well-known cause of workplace WEAR and TEAR injuries. Many workers develop carpal tunnel syndrome as the result of computer use in the workplace. Even using a computer to prepare invoices or create reports, communicate with customers, or ring up transactions can cause injury.

Using a computer, mouse, or touch screen involves making many of the same motions over and over again, often rapidly, and often without adequate opportunities for rest.

Tool Use

Swinging, lifting, or operating tools can cause incremental damage to muscles and tendons, even if it doesn’t feel strenuous at the time. Using power tools also carries a risk of RSIs, because they typically expose workers to prolonged vibrations that can weaken and inflame muscles and tendons.

Lifting, Reaching, Grabbing, or Pulling

Any job that requires you to grab, lift, reach, or pull objects – even small, light objects – can cause WEAR and TEAR injury. Whether you’re a mechanic, a butcher in a meat packing plant, a cashier at a grocery store, a delivery driver, or even a musician, repetitive lifting, reaching, grabbing, and pulling can cause WEAR and TEAR injuries.

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