Workplace safety is a growing priority in regards to reducing work-related injuries and fatalities for employees. Regulations and policies exist to promote safety at the workplace. Though supervisors are legally obligated to keep employees safe from harm, employees can take a proactive role in minimizing their exposure to, or involvement in, unsafe situations at work.

Lowering the Risk of Injury by Improving Physical Well-Being

Some workplace injuries can be avoided by carefully considering how movement affects the body. The risk of physical strain or injury, for example, can be minimized by utilizing available tools or techniques designed to aid in lifting or moving heavy equipment, supplies, etc. On the other hand, sedentary activities, such as long hours of paperwork, can cause problems if the employee fails to prioritize good posture. Periodic work breaks contribute to the employee’s ability to remain alert, a necessary component of workplace safety. In fact, many workplace injuries result from inadequate rest and/or poor concentration.

Addressing Mental and Emotional Stressors

Mental and emotional stress can have a pervasive and negative effect on overall work performance. Unresolved emotional stress can cause employees to be distracted, inattentive, or careless. Focus is essential for keeping workers safe. Abstaining from alcohol and drugs while at work also plays a role in preventing work-related injuries. Stress management and positive mental health are integral parts of the employee’s general well-being.

Being Aware of Occupational Hazards

Improper procedures are responsible for most workplace injuries. When employees have a clear understanding of work-related risks, they are better prepared to perform tasks with appropriate safety precautions and they can recognize when harmful circumstances may develop. Employees should also be able to perform their expected roles in the event of a workplace emergency, including being familiar with relevant safety procedures. Unsafe work conditions should always be reported to the employer in order to be addressed through the appropriate channels.

Though workplace injuries and fatalities are decreasing in general, employees can benefit from taking the initiative in promoting a safe work environment by becoming well-versed in appropriate safety procedures and policies. Taking steps to ensure optimal physical, mental, and emotional health contributes to successful work performance and reduces the risk of being injured or harming someone else. As health officials and employers continue to prioritize workplace safety in addition to employee effort, the number of work-related injuries and fatalities should continue to decrease.

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