As attorneys who represent clients in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, we regularly meet people who have suffered serious injuries on the job. While your employer bears responsibility for providing a safe working environment, this article highlights some things you can do to help protect yourself as well.

Avoiding Injuries on Construction Sites

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplaces in America. Statistics from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration show that 16% of all fatal work accidents occur in the construction setting. In order to help mitigate against the risk of construction site accidents, workers should:

● Wear proper safety equipment
● Wear high-visibility clothing when appropriate
● Inspect your tools and equipment for damage and maintenance issues
● Get plenty of rest, eat, and hydrate before starting your work day
● Follow safety guidelines with regard to using heavy machinery and other tasks
● If you are not sure how to do something safely, ask your supervisor for guidance

Avoiding Injuries at the Office

Office workers face different kinds of risks on the job. If you work in an office building, consider these tips for avoiding job-related injuries:

● Avoid sitting for extended periods of time
● Avoid twisting and other positions that can put strain on your body
● Lift with your legs, not with your back
● Squat to pick up heavy items off the floor
● Use hand trucks and carts for transporting heavy objects over long distances
● Promptly report dangerous conditions – such as spills and hallway or stairway obstructions – to your building manager

Avoiding Injuries Unique to Your Profession or Trade

Whether you work as a manager, nurse, truck driver, EMT, casino worker, or in another trade or profession, chances are that your job presents some unique risks for workplace injuries. While we couldn’t begin to list out all of the potential safety risks for everyone, the following are some basic safety tips for people working in different professions. In general, you should always be sure to obtain proper training, and follow your company’s policies and procedures for workplace safety.

● Know what to do in the event of a workplace accident
● Observe the rules of the road and give way to reckless and aggressive drivers
● Follow safety guidelines regarding handling of dangerous chemicals and biohazards
● Make sure you know how to properly operate tools and equipment
● Understand the hazards of your profession and how to avoid them
● Protect yourself against repetitive tasks that can lead to WEAR and TEAR injuries

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