August 2022 – Boat, Jet Ski, and ATV Tips for Safer Summer Recreation

Sep 27, 2022

The hot, hazy, and lazy days of August are here. For many, there’s no better way to spend a summer day than on the water or cruising the great outdoors. Joyful times can quickly turn deadly, however, if you’re not vigilant about safety – at all times. Whether you’re racing across the water or off-roading with your ATV, you should know how to keep caution and common sense top of mind.

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April 2022 – Beware Insurance Tricks of the Trade: Delay, Deny, Defend

When you buy insurance, you’re purchasing security. In exchange for your hard-earned dollars, you trust the insurance company to be there when disaster strikes and help shoulder a potentially devastating financial burden. But too many insurance companies care more about profits than policyholders. They employ shady tactics to keep from paying legitimate claims, a practice we call The Three D’s.

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March 2022 – Negligent Security Can Lead to Serious Injury or Death

Last November, a crowd crush at the Astroworld Music Festival killed ten people and injured over 300 others. Concertgoers pointed to lax security and an apathetic festival staff as the cause of this devastating event. While this was a prominent and documented example, negligent security can cause terrible consequences at small and large properties alike. This month, we demonstrate the various ways lax security can harm Americans anywhere.

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February 2022 – State Medical Boards Fail to Discipline Dangerous Doctors

State medical boards are responsible for disciplining physicians when they are found incompetent, mentally or sexually abusive, or have committed a crime. However, a significant body of research indicates that these regulators often look the other way. This month, we spotlight cases of doctors allowed to injure patients, sometimes fatally, due to gross negligence and poor regulatory oversight.

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