Do I Really Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, and If So, What Does It Cost?

As highly qualified workers’ compensation attorneys, we will consult with you at no charge to determine whether you have a valid workers’ compensation claim.

When we represent you, we will be paid based upon the benefits we achieve for you that are awarded by the Judge of Workers’ Compensation. Our system is designed to have the Workers’ Compensation court review every case to make certain that the insurance company has properly compensated you, but you must retain a lawyer to file a Petition arranging for judicial review. Otherwise, you will simply receive whatever the insurance company decides to voluntarily pay, and the workers’ compensation court system is not involved. Often this means you receive less than what you are legally entitled.

To ensure you receive all of the compensation that you rightfully deserve, we strongly recommend that you contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney.  For a free and confidential consultation, call Petro Cohen law firm at 888-675-7607 or fill out our online form

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