Do I Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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What benefits does workers’ compensation cover?

Each New Jersey workers’ compensation claim is unique and the benefits are specific to the situation. Most people do not understand all the benefits they are entitled to receive under workers’ compensation. Below are the three benefits.

  1. Temporary Disability – tax-free payment of 70% of wages up to 400 weeks while you are out of work recovering from your work related condition.
  2. Medical Treatment – 100% payment of all reasonable and necessary treatment for any condition caused or worsened by work.
  3. Permanent Partial (or Total) Disability – additional compensation for loss of physical function from your work related condition. Our clients are often surprised to learn that most medical conditions qualify for this benefit as long as they are not minor injuries. These benefits can be paid whether your medical condition results from an accident or the WEAR and TEAR of your job over time.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, contact one of our knowledgeable New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys for a free consultation.

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