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"They really do care and I can vouch for that since 2003"

I’ve had several workers’ comp claims and they’ve been resolved professionally. I’m totally satisfied. I would recommend this service that the company and corporation does. I’ll guarantee that you’ll walk out of here a happy person.


"I was very happy with Frank."

I got hurt on the job a couple of years ago, and I was referred to Frank by a friend of mine. And, wow, Frank was great. He helped me through everything – my back, my knees, my shoulders.

Clarence H.

"It was just a wonderful firm to deal with."

I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. I had some major injuries and I consulted the law firm of Petro Cohen. Susan was my attorney and the only thing I can say [was that] she was absolutely fabulous.

Craig K.

"We got a lot of respect for this company."

I went to Petro and I love him to death. He’s the best person in the world. He is the best helper in the world.

Bob and Rosina D.

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How Long Do I Have to Reopen a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

When you suffer an injury on the job, workers’ compensation gives you the right to receive medical care and compensation for any injury-related wage loss. Eventually, all workers’ compensation cases end, but sometimes claimants can reopen a case to receive more benefits. If you want to reopen your claim, time is of the essence. Are you wondering, “How long do I have to reopen a workers’ comp claim?” If...

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Petro Cohen Obtains Court Order for Home Renovations to Accommodate Totally Disabled Client

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law provides three main benefits to workers who have compensable medical conditions. These benefits are tax-free temporary disability payments, all reasonable and necessary medical treatment and potentially either permanent partial or permanent total disability benefits depending upon the severity of the compensable medical conditions in question. While the statute provides the “letter of the law”, the interpretation of the statute under any particular fact...

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Wear and Tear is Real

Petro Cohen obtains an award of lifetime wages for a 53 year old certified nursing assistant who worked the overnight shift at a convalescent center for 18 years Our client’s 100% disability award was based on a fully denied occupational exposure where she had claimed that her many years of employment had more likely than not contributed in a material way to the development and worsening of serious medical...

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