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Frank A. Petro
Workers' Compensation

Attorney Frank Petro

Senior Partner

Mr. Petro is a founding partner and heads the Workers’ Compensation Department of the firm.  He has limited his practice to handling workers’ comp cases over the past 45+ years.  Mr. Petro is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney, which is the highest specialty certification available to workers’ compensation lawyers in New Jersey.  He is one of only 18 lawyers in the state that have held this certification since its inception in 1998.

For twenty-eight consecutive years, Mr. Petro has been named on the Best Lawyers in America® list for workers’ compensation, a distinction held by only 14 lawyers throughout the country.  He is one of only four workers’ compensation attorneys in New Jersey to be named on the list, and the only NJ attorney to be named for 27 consecutive years.

Mr. Petro also has  been selected to the New Jersey Super Lawyer® list every year since 2005, an honor that no more than five percent of the State’s lawyers receive. Additionally, he has an “AV” rating from the world’s leading lawyer referral service, Martindale-Hubbell; a rating reserved for those lawyers considered preeminent in their field as voted by their peers. Mr. Petro has held this status with Martindale-Hubbell every year since 2001.

Mr. Petro has been one of only three Presidents of the leading professional organization for workers’ compensation judges and lawyers in New Jersey, The Justice James H. Coleman, Jr. New Jersey Workers’ Compensation American Inn of Court, which has a membership of approximately 150 lawyers and judges throughout the State. He was also one of 38 National Trustees for the American Inns of Court Foundation, the nation’s leading professional organization promoting legal excellence, professionalism, ethics, and civility for United States judges and lawyers. In addition, he served from 2008 to 2012 as National Treasurer for the American Inns of Court Foundation.

  • Certified by New Jersey Supreme Court as a Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney, since the inception of the New Jersey certification program, 1998
  • Past President of The Justice James H. Coleman, Jr.  New Jersey Workers’ Compensation American Inn of Court, the leading New Jersey workers’ compensation professional organization for judges and lawyers who practice New Jersey workers’ compensation, 2002-2006
  • National Trustee for the American Inns of Court Foundation, the nation’s leading professional organization for judges and lawyers dedicated to legal excellence, professionalism, ethics and civility,2004 to date; National Treasurer for the American Inns of Court Foundation, 2008 to 2012
  • Fifteen years’ service on the Executive Committee for the Workers’ Compensation Section of the New Jersey Bar Association, including representative of the Judicial Selection Committee for all attorneys seeking to become workers’ compensation judges
  • Named in every New Jersey survey by Best Lawyers in America® as one of New Jersey’s leading workers’ compensation lawyers , 1995 to date; Named on every NJ Super Lawyers® list in the area of workers’ compensation, 2005 to date
  • AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, the world’s leading referral service; the AV rating is reserved for less than 10% of lawyers who are considered preeminent in their fields

With offices in Northfield/Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Cape May Court House, and the Hamilton Township/Trenton area, Petro Cohen serves communities throughout Southern New Jersey, including Atlantic, BurlingtonCamden, Cape May, Cumberland,  Gloucester, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, and Salem counties. Contact Mr. Petro at (888) 675-7607.

Here are some excerpts from client testimonials about Frank Petro.  To read the full testimonial, click on any of the “Read more” links below.

This is most likely the easiest review I have ever completed since this business is top-notch! The friendliest office, led by Frank Petro, my personal attorney, who is so deserving of this valuable feedback.

Read More Donna M.

This is the best firm that I’ve ever met in Atlantic County, New Jersey, that from the top to the bottom is very awesome. They will take care of you like you would not believe they will treat you like family.

Read More Howard D.

I’ve been trying to write this for over a week now. Truth is I can’t find the words that equal my experience with Frank Petro and his team.

Read More Len G

My case was actually settled back in 2007. Mr Frank Petro handled my case and right from the very start, he calmly explained everything to me and answered EVERY question I had ; no matter how major or minor they were.

Read More Laura C.

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. You weren’t only my confidant thru the biggest challenge of my life while I faced so many obstacles, you made it a lot easier to bare.

Read More ROSE K.

My name is Clarence Harris, and I’ve been a sheet metal worker for 25 years. I got hurt on the job a couple of years ago, and I was referred to Frank by a friend of mine.


James: Hello, I’m Jim. I’m a client of the Petro Cohen association and have been since 2003.


Rosina: Hi, my name is Rosina. I went to Petro and I love him to death.

Read More BOB and ROSINA D.

When I got a hold of Frank Petro’s law firm almost 20 years ago, I never imagined I would need his help numerous times. But Frank and his law firm have taken care of me time and time again.

Read More JIMMY H.

While at work, I was holding two trays when I fell over a sign and hit the ground hard. I didn’t know it at the time, but with the recommendation of a nurse friend, I got checked and learned I had a bad concussion from the fall.

Read More ROSINA D.

I worked in the casino industry for over 20 years as a dealer and my hands suffered badly because of my work. Ultimately, I ended up with permanent nerve damage.

Read More JOANN C.

Having worked hard in customer-oriented businesses for over four decades, I place a very high value on customer service. The level of communication and response from Petro Cohen is astonishing – it’s hard for me to describe.


I wanted to say thank you for helping to resolve my case. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to get me funds for life.

Read More JOSEPH P.

When I was injured at work, I had been working with another law firm but ended up switching to Petro Cohen as I felt they were a better law firm. I was driving and was hit by an ambulance, so my case involved both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Read More DORIS M.

I was introduced to Petro Cohen law firm by a sign on the Atlantic City Expressway which mentioned WEAR and TEAR injuries. A construction accident years ago led to ongoing pain and back problems, eventually forcing me to have surgery for a disc to be replaced.

Read More THOMAS H.

When I was 24 years old, I was seriously injured at work, tearing ligaments in my spine that would eventually lead to numerous surgeries and lifelong pain. Although I went to my foreman after the injury, he let me go a few days after the accident.

Read More FRED M.

I had only been in the area for about a year, when I was beaten in an elevator by one of my clients. I looked for a good attorney in the Yellow Pages at that time and found Frank Petro and Petro Cohen law firm.

Read More CAROLYN B.

I am writing on behalf of Frank Petro, Attorney at Law. Mr.

Read More DONNA D.

I had a dear friend who had a case handled by Petro Cohen and he was quite satisfied. When I injured my shoulder at work, he put me in touch with the law firm.

Read More WILLIAM S.

I was injured after being struck by a tram on the Boardwalk while visiting from out of state. Not knowing where to turn, I made several phone calls and was immediately put at ease after speaking to Susan Petro.

Read More JOANNE B.

I would like to thank Susan and the team for their hard work and time they put in for my mother’s injury case. She was hurt in an AC casino, so we contacted a local law firm via e-mail.

Read More MARIA and KAREN O.

I was injured at work and needed advice on what to do because I felt my employer and their insurance company were not taking care of me properly. I asked around and Frank Petro at Petro Cohen came up as the top person in the New Jersey for workers’ compensation.

Read More Ralph F.

I am very grateful to Frank Petro as well as everyone at Petro Cohen. They got me through the rough times, got me the surgeries that I needed, and followed up on everything for me.

Read More DANIEL K.

I had been suffering for a while with severe pain in my neck, when a coworker recommended that I talk with Frank Petro at Petro Cohen. Frank had helped my co-worker several times with various workplace injuries and he highly recommended that I talk with Mr.

Read More MICHAEL H.

I’m pretty straightforward, so it was great to work with Frank Petro who is a very upfront person. He made me feel very comfortable and was very personable and friendly in addition to being professional.

Read More LELA A.

When I was injured at work, a client recommended that I reach out to Petro Cohen and I was glad I did as Mr. Petro helped me out significantly.

Read More JOSEPH C.

Frank Petro is wonderful! I have a lot of respect for him and the great job he’s done for me.

Read More BARRY M.

I can’t say enough about the folks at Petro Cohen! Complete professionalism, very friendly, and definitely had my best interest at heart.

Read More STEVEN F.

After working with the lawyers and staff at Petro Cohen, my husband and I feel that they are genuinely devoted and exceptional at what they do! They feel your pain and truly care about what you are going through!

Read More TERESA C.

I was very impressed and honored when Frank Petro asked if I would provide a testimonial. I figure with the thousands of satisfied clients he has represented, he certainly must have many who would testify to the great work he does!

Read More KEITH C.

When I was injured at work, a friend recommended Frank Petro as he had done a good job with his worker’s compensation case. I had torn a ligament in my shoulder and injured my elbow when taking a guy into custody.

Read More MICHAEL T.

When I was injured at work, Frank Petro was a true blessing from God! He was awesome and did a stellar job for me and my family!

Read More LEONARD G.

I had a serious injury at work and Mr. Petro did an outstanding job helping me!

Read More JACK M.

Frank Petro is the “James Brown” of compensation litigation – the hardest working man in show business! As someone who was good at what I did in my line of work, you just know when you are dealing with someone who is hard working, knows what they are doing, and is well prepared.

Read More JOHN C.

A few years back, my brother was seriously injured at work and contacted Petro Cohen law firm. He went to see Frank Petro and really liked his energy.


Having worked for a property and casualty insurance company for 29 years, I knew a lot of adjusters in the industry and had many friends that were attorneys on both sides of litigation. They all highly recommended Petro Cohen law firm – especially Frank Petro.

Read More ANTHONY F.

Since I was 21 years old, I worked as a carpenter. When injuries at work prevented me from working in the trade, I was in pain and frustrated, blowing through what little savings I had in just few years.

Read More JOHN B.

If it wasn’t for Petro Cohen law firm, I would have been lost when I got injured at work! A few years back, I was seriously injured on a construction worksite when an excavator hit me in the back.

Read More BILL D.

I have the utmost respect for Frank Petro.  He is a miracle worker and a great attorney with a big heart! When my workers’ compensation case started in 2009, I knew I had a long road ahead and, quite honestly, I was ready to give up several times along the way.

Read More ROSE K.

Unfortunately, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2013. I contacted Susan from Petro Cohen law firm, who quickly helped to resolve the issues associated with my accident.

Read More AMY S.

As an Emergency Room Nurse for 28 years, I appreciate people that know what they are doing and get the job done quickly.  And that’s what I got when I reached out to Petro Cohen after being given the run around through my workplace. While at work, I injured my shoulder trying to pick up a patient.  Over the course of the next year, I had to have four surgeries, was unable to work, and still suffered.

Read More URSULA T.

LOST AT SEA. That’s what I compare my workers’ compensation experience to.

Read More DANIEL J.

After a series of injuries which ultimately cost me two jobs, I probably would be destitute had it not been for Frank Petro and the law firm of Petro Cohen. While working as a nurse, I injured my back in 2011 when I was asked to transport a heavy television.


After having worked with Frank Petro on my workers’ compensation case, I can tell you that I would never use anybody else! I had been having knee and foot problems for five to eight years as a result of my work as a cocktail server in a casino.

Read More JAN A.

My story is a long and painful one, which, thanks to Frank Petro and the law firm of Petro Cohen, has a happier ending that I ever could have dreamed! As a long time Security Supervisor at an Atlantic City casino, I was beginning to have problems walking.

Read More TYRONE W.

I am one of those people that had never even been in a lawyer’s office my entire life, but when I got hurt at work, I found myself in need of legal assistance and, boy, am I grateful that I found the Petro Cohen law firm! Four years ago, I was injured on the premises of my workplace and hurt both of my knees.

Read More RITA M.

As a professional bus driver, my worst nightmare came true a few years ago when I was involved in a five-vehicle collision, with the driver at fault being an uninsured motorist. I sustained numerous injuries in the accident, including ones to my back, foot, and neck, which caused me to be out of work for five months.

Read More MYRON C.

I had only been on my job a few days when I was involved in an awful collision.  I was familiar with Petro Cohen law firm through my mom, who had been hurt at work and turned to Frank Petro for help with her workers’ compensation case. I wasn’t sure I needed an attorney or whether I had a case.  But based on my mom’s great experience, I knew I could trust Frank and his team to offer honest advice and guidance.

Read More CARRIE G.

As a career electrician, my job required repetitive, tedious work using my hands, which resulted in numerous injuries. When I first developed carpal tunnel in my hand, I met with Frank Petro to see if I possibly had a case.

Read More JOHN E.

Frank Petro of Petro Cohen has a radio commercial stating, “In litigation, you don’t get a second chance.” Boy is that ever true! I feel fortunate to have met Frank Petro years ago and since then he has been my “go to” attorney whenever I have needed advice or legal counsel over the years.


After a serious injury I found I was unable to do so many of things I used to do. A friend referred me to Petro/Cohen and Frank/Terri and their team have helped and supported me in anyway I needed help.

Read More NANCY LEE B.
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