Some types of jobs in are more dangerous than others, but the list of the most likely jobs to be injured at may surprise you. When you work as a  NJ workers’ compensation lawyer, you see exactly what professions are more likely to result in injury.

The following jobs are thought of as the most dangerous positions in the country because of their high rate of injuries. The national average for workers being hurt on the job is 3.7%, overall. However, these positions often double or triple that figure.

1. Pet Shop Employee. The number one most dangerous job is anyone who works in a pet store. At a 13.9% serious injury rate, this seemingly harmless job comes in as the most dangerous job in America.

2. Police Officer. While many would expect that this profession would be in the number one slot, police officers are injured at a rate of 11.7%. However, due to the large amount of people within this profession, police officers have the most people injured each year, coming in at an average of over 50,000 injuries each year.

3. Fire Fighter. This intense profession comes in only a tenth of a percent lower than the police at 11.6%. One very interesting note about fire fighter injuries is that their fatality rate compared to other professions is nearly three times less than others. Firefighters may succumb to injuries on the job, but most are not fatal.

4. Skiing Instructor. Working at a ski resort in the U.S. seems to be quite dangerous. This profession has a 10.9% injury rate.

5. Travel Trailer Manufacturer. Why this particular vehicle is more dangerous than others is not known, but people that work in this profession are injured at a rate of 10.5%.

6. Welders/Iron Workers. Working with hot steel creates many opportunities to get injured. Welders have a rate of injury at 10.2%.

7. Flight Attendant. This profession, while often thought of as glamorous, has a very high rate of injuries and comes in at 9%.

8. Nursing Home Employees. These employees often suffer back injuries from lifting patients. This profession ties flight attendant at nine percent.

9. Leather Tanning. People working in the leather industry are exposed to many types of machinery and chemicals. This profession registers at 8.95% injury rate.

10. Ambulance Driver. When people fail to yield emergency vehicles, accidents happen. This profession has an injury rate of 8.8%.

If you have been injured on the job, you are entitled to medical care and monetary compensation. Contact a workers’ comp lawyer  to have your case evaluated.