With the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, employers and employees are wondering: How will this affect workers’ compensation coverage?

For instance, experts say that the Affordable Care Act will add 30 million or more insured, which means more people waiting for medical treatment. This is especially concerning in certain geographic areas and some medical specialties. Injured workers’ may find more people in line in front of them all scrambling to see the doctor.

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In addition to longer lines, the Affordable Care Act could also cause premium hikes. Workers’ comp claims make up about two percent of the medical budget spent in America each year. As the Affordable Care Act gains footing, medical providers could try to leverage their budget to recover some of their lost profit. Workers’ compensation claimants seem to be the target for these recovery funds. In fact, the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute conducted a study in which two-thirds of the respondents represented data showing that workers’ compensation claims were charged higher outpatient payments for common surgeries.

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