In some workers’ compensation cases, determining the true cause of an injury can be difficult. The injury may have developed gradually over time, or it may be difficult to determine precisely what activity led to the injury.

Burn injuries, by contrast, are usually not so complicated. Burns fall within the category of acute work-related injuries that arise suddenly and severely, and they can lead to significant long-term trauma if not promptly addressed.

Where burn injuries lead to long term scarring, pain, or reduced mobility, they can be the type of injuries that qualify individuals for workers’ compensation or even temporary or permanent disability payments.

Types of Burns That Can Occur in Northfield

Burns are typically categorized by severity and how much trauma they inflict on an individual’s skin. First degree burns are the mildest form of burn injuries. They will typically result in pain and redness but not any permanent damage to the skin. Second degree burns are still more mild, but can result in some change to skin structure. They can cause blistering and thickening of the skin that may remain even after the burn heals.

Third and fourth degree burns are more serious and tend to have more lingering consequences. Third degree burns will usually lead to permanent or semi-permanent thickening and scarring of the skin that can also lead to tightening, which makes movement difficult.

Fourth degree burns are the worst type of burns and often result in permanent disfigurement and loss of mobility. Even more significantly, fourth degree burns are often so deep that they penetrate beyond the skin and affect an individual’s muscles and connective tissue, resulting in more frequent disability.

Burns and Workers’ Compensation

Any employee can be at risk of a burn while on the job due to an unexpected fire on the premises or an accident involving a work vehicle. However, certain industries and professions are also more at risk for burn injuries because of the nature of the work that the employees do. There are three types of common workplace burns, which can vary from first degree to fourth degree.

First, there are thermal burns. Thermal burns are caused by hot liquids such as hot water or hot oil. Restaurants and other food environments are common places where thermal burns occur. In the madness of peak hours at a restaurant, it is not difficult for a pot of boiling water to be accidentally knocked onto a cook, or for hot oil to bubble up from a fry pan. While often on the minor side, if exposed to boiling liquids for a longer period of time, thermal burns can quickly become debilitating.

Another type of burn encountered in work environments is an electrical burn. These occur when an employee’s skin comes into contact with a live electrical wire. These types of burns are, for obvious reasons, more prevalent among those working in the electrical or construction industry or individuals who work for utility companies. While individuals in these industries typically receive extensive training, electrical burns can and do still occur.

Finally, employees may be exposed to chemical burns. Chemical burns are the result of some type of chemical making its way onto bare skin. This can happen among lab technicians and other staff working in laboratory facilities, those working with environmental chemicals, or even those working in tech assembly lines where chemicals are often used as binding agents.

While all of these types of burns can have immediate and painful impacts to an individual’s skin, more severe burns can also leave workers with long term injuries that do not allow them to easily return to work. As mentioned above, severe scarring of skin can result in reduced mobility, and may impact an employee’s ability to use his or her hands or have a full range of motion in the arms.

Where burns are more severe, the consequences can spread to bones or nerves. Burns that reach the musculature can result in permanent damage and weakness, making it difficult for employees to perform more physically demanding work. Likewise, where burns reach the nerves, they can lead to permanent nerve damage that also reduces mobility and the ability to perform typical work functions.

New Jersey Workers Compensation Attorneys Helping You Recover from a Burn Injury

If you have recently been exposed to a thermal, chemical, or electrical burn, or are a victim of an unexpected burn event at your workplace, you may need workers’ compensation to assist you in paying your medical bills and allowing you to take time off work to recover. All burns require immediate recovery time, and some may require surgery, rehabilitation, and more.

At Petro Cohen, P.C., our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you file your claim based on a burn injury and will also fight for your rights to full medical treatment and compensation in the event your claim is contested.

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