During the holiday season, various types of safety risks can lead to potentially serious injuries. While some of these safety risks exist year-round, statistics show that they are more prevalent around the holidays. When dealing with an injury during the holidays, it is important not to ignore your medical needs; and, if you believe that someone else or a business may be liable, you should consult with an injury attorney about your legal rights.

5 Tips for Avoiding Injuries during the Holidays

Here are some tips for avoiding injuries during the holidays from the dedicated injury lawyers at Petro Cohen, P.C.

1. When Driving, Stay Focused on the Task at Hand

This holiday season, you will not be able to prevent other drivers from being distracted, but you can do your part by staying focused behind the wheel. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, and distracted drivers unnecessarily cause hundreds of thousands of car accidents across the United States each year.

The risk of being hit by a distracted driver increases during the holiday season. Not only are people spending more time in their cars driving to stores and visiting friends and family, but they are also more likely to be driving on unfamiliar roads. This means that they will be spending more time looking at their navigation screens and less time looking at the road. Of course, texting and talking on the phone are concerns as well, as drivers are more likely to be using their phones to discuss shopping lists and make plans with their loved ones.

2. Wear Your Seatbelt

In New Jersey, wearing a seatbelt is the law. There is a very good reason why. Studies show that seatbelts save more than 6,000 lives per year, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) describes seatbelts as, “the single most effective safety technology in the history of the automobile.”

No matter how far you are going, you should buckle up every time you get behind the wheel. Try to make sure your passengers buckle up as well. Not only will you avoid the risk of getting a ticket, but you will significantly reduce your risk of suffering a catastrophic injury in the event that you are involved in a serious collision.

3. Practice Ladder Safety

Whether you are decorating your front yard or clearing leaves from your gutters to prepare for New Jersey’s winter weather, if you need to climb a ladder, be sure to practice ladder safety. Make sure your ladder appears to be in good condition (e.g., it is not rusted, bent, or showing significant signs of wear), read and follow all warning labels (e.g., do not stand on top of an A-frame ladder), and always have someone to hold the ladder while you are using it.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), “On average, there are about 200 decorating-related injuries each day during the holiday season, with about half of the incidents involving falls.” By practicing ladder safety, you can help avoid adding to this tally.

4. Be Aware of Fire Risks

From hot stoves to fireplaces, and from candles to overloaded electrical circuits, there can be several potential fire risks in the home during the holiday season. In order to avoid the risk of a fire, the best thing homeowners can do is to be vigilant about identifying and addressing potential hazards. Never leave a stove on or candles burning while you are away or while you are sleeping, and keep lighters and candles out of children’s reach. Follow manufacturers’ recommendations when it comes to using surge protectors and extension cords, and unplug decorations before you go to bed.

5. Be Wary of Ice and Snow

While winter weather can bring magic to the holidays, ice and snow can also be dangerous. Shovel and de-ice all walking and driving surfaces on your property, and wear sturdy rubber-soled shoes or boots when walking on accumulated precipitation. When it is below freezing, black ice can be a concern as well. When in doubt, take your time, and try to avoid any potentially hazardous areas.

Speak with a Reliable Injury Lawyer at Petro Cohen

While we certainly hope that you are not involved in a serious accident during the holiday season, rest assured that the injury attorneys at Petro Cohen, P.C.  are here when you need us.

At Petro Cohen, we take personal injury personally. Our injury lawyers have decades of experience in this dynamic practice area and have handled thousands of injury cases with successful outcomes for our clients, fighting hard to recover fair compensation and appropriate medical care for their injuries.

We know that serious injuries can be life changing, requiring extended medical treatment and putting a strain on your finances. We believe that your focus should be on getting better. At Petro Cohen, we will work with you to make sure you are receiving the proper medical treatment, and obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled.

Susan Petro, who heads the Personal Injury Department and is also the Managing Member of Petro Cohen, along with Rich Gaeckle and Mike Veneziani, will handle your injury case, fighting on your behalf to ensure you receive full and fair compensation. They have  a reputation for excellence in this dynamic practice area, having successfully helped many injury clients throughout Southern New Jersey.

Regardless of the type of serious injury you face, our team of qualified legal practitioners is there for you to help you get the medical treatment you need and to recover financial compensation. We have offices in Northfield, Cape May Court House, Cherry Hill, and Hamilton, NJ, and can come to you if you are unable to come to us.

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