Injuries at work have become too common, with more than 3.3 million people injured at work annually. The former Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, once said that each day of the week, 12 people do not return home from work because they are killed on the job. Of the most common injuries in the workplace, the majority of them are random and can happen to any worker at any time of the day.

Becoming Entangled in Machinery

One of the most common workplace injuries occurs when a worker is entangled in machinery at a factory or other workplace where massive machinery is present. Most workers get stuck in the machinery due to loose clothing, long hair, or untied shoelaces. Each worker should take extra time each day to make sure nothing on his or her person can become tangled in the machines.

Falling Objects

Some of the most serious workplace injuries are caused by falling objects. These objects can be dropped by other workers, fall from shelves, or fall from scaffolding on construction sites. Head injuries, such as concussions, are the most common injuries suffered when objects fall at work. If you work on a construction site, make sure you always wear your hard hat.

Repetitive Motion

Another common workplace injury comes from repetitive motion such as typing all day while at work or using one of your arms to turn a knob each day. These types of injuries are not in the forefront of our minds, but they can be devastating. Workers can suffer from torn muscles, damaged tissue, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Falls from Heights

Workplaces across the country need to have warning signs and other safety measures in place to prevent falls while on the job. These injuries happen when workers fall from roofs, stairways, and ladders while at work. Falls from heights can lead to broken limbs, concussions, and sometimes even death.

Slipping and Tripping

When workplaces do not keep floors free of water or other liquids, workers can slip and fall. Another injury that fits into this category is tripping. Wires and carpets should be flush with the floor so workers cannot trip over them. Wires should also be hidden behind furniture or other objects as much as possible.


Workers who pull, lift, push, carry, or throw things while at work can suffer from overexertion injuries if they do not limit themselves properly. Most workplaces have requirements as to how much employees are allowed to lift in one shot or what type of protective gear they need to wear, such as a back brace.

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