Working individuals may suffer common repetitive motion injuries, also known as WEAR and TEAR injuries, in many different work settings. The category of WEAR and TEAR injuries includes injuries to one or multiple body parts.

As the name suggests, WEAR and TEAR symptoms develop from the accumulation of repeated stresses on a worker’s body. Research indicates that these types of injuries are one of the biggest work-related health problems in the United States.

At Petro Cohen, P.C., we represent many clients who have suffered WEAR and TEAR injuries at work. Workers’ compensation insurance carriers tend to resist these types of claims. But, we have experience and a successful track record in recovering compensation for our clients in these very situations.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not the only WEAR and TEAR injury out there

A growing number of individuals are developing work-related repetitive motion injuries that directly affect the spine and back, including but not limited to the following:

Lumbar sprains and strains

In addition to those lumbar injuries caused by prolonged sitting and computer work, other types of repetitive work duties can lead to lumbar ligament and joint capsule tears, as well as muscle and tendon tears. You may suffer these injuries if you have a job where you repetitively perform heavy lifting, pulling and/or pushing, or if you continually twist or rotate your back. Also, significant and routine time spent around heavy machinery may cause vibration to your spine, which often results in back sprains and strains.

Disc injuries

Vertebral disc injuries can also fall under the umbrella of WEAR and TEAR workers’ compensation injuries. Prolonged and improper sitting postures, as well as other types of repetitive work activities, increase loading on the spine, which in turn may cause sprains of the outer edges of a disc. Also, the soft inner material of the disc may protrude into or even through the outer edges, resulting in a herniated disc.

Herniated and sprained discs often result in significant back pain and even nerve damage. The pain may be sporadic or continuously unrelenting.

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