Thousands of workers are killed and millions suffer injuries on the job every year. Many workers sustain injuries so severe that they can never return to work. This is damaging to the individual, his or her family, and our economy. Most workplace injuries are largely preventable, yet they continue to occur at a staggering rate.

Education is key in preventing injury on the job. Both employers and employees have a responsibility to create a safe work environment and utilize safe practices while on the clock. Below is a list representing some of the most common workplace injuries, as reported by top workers’ compensation carriers across the country.

Overexertion: This is the number one >workplace injury in the United States, and it includes injuries caused by pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying, throwing, and holding. In addition to being the most common injury, it is also the most costly. Overexertion injuries result in over $3 million in annual benefits payments. Proper training is the best way to prevent overexertion injuries.

Slip and fall: These injuries usually occur when a worker trips over something or slips on a wet floor. Employees can prevent these accidents by always paying attention to their surroundings. Employers should ensure that spills are cleaned up promptly and floor spaces are kept clear of dangerous clutter and debris.

Falls from high places: Falls from elevated areas, such as ladders and roofs, can be extremely dangerous. Several hundred workers are killed by high falls every year. These accidents are most prevalent in the construction industry. High-elevation falls can be prevented with consistent training and the use of protective gear.

Falling objects: When large or heavy objects are dropped or fall from high places, they can cause serious head injuries to a worker below. To prevent these potentially fatal injuries, the work environment should always be free from hazards, and protective gear – such as hard hats – should be worn at all times.

Motor vehicle accidents: When an employee is injured in a vehicle accident while driving for business purposes, it is considered a work-related injury. Any employee who drives should receive thorough and consistent safe-driver training. The employee’s driving record should also be checked prior to their being assigned driving tasks.

Machine accidents: These injuries typically occur when clothing, hair, or appendages get caught in a machine while it is operating. Machine-related injuries can be particularly damaging, and can maim or kill a worker. Protective gear, employee-focus while operating machinery, and proper training can reduce these injuries.

Repetitive motion: These injuries typically build up over time until they reach a level at which irreparable damage has been caused. Repetitive motions can involve such basic tasks as sitting at a computer all day. Awkward wrist placement while typing can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, and improper posture while seated at a computer can cause severe back pain. By utilizing ergonomic equipment and training employees on proper posture and work techniques, these injuries can be significantly reduced.

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