Almost all jobs involve some sort of repetitive movements. WEAR and TEAR injuries can occur in a number of different work settings, including the following: Sitting at the computer all day typing, driving a truck with constant shifting, construction work, and so much more. One common WEAR and TEAR injury that many people develop over time is carpal tunnel syndrome. While many people associate carpal tunnel syndrome with repetitive typing, there are numerous other causes. Here are five tips that you can follow to reduce your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Reduce the force you use in your motions and relax your grip. Most people tend to hit cash register buttons and keyboard keys with greater force than necessary. Also, people tend to grip their pens and pencils very tightly and press down on paper harder than they should. Relaxing your grip and hitting buttons with a softer touch will go a long way in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Form matters. One of the key components of carpal tunnel syndrome is that a part of the hand, wrist, or fingers are put in an unnatural position over a long period of time. Avoid bending your wrist all the way up or down. Also, good posture is a must!
  • Take short, frequent breaks from repetitive motions. Periodically, take a few minutes to rest your wrists and hands and give them a good stretch and shake. If possible, mix up your work routine so that you alternate tasks. If you use heavy equipment that requires a lot of force, it is very important to give your body a break as much as possible.
  • Adjust desk, chair, and computer so that you are in the most natural position. This means making adjustments to your workstation so that your back is straight, feet are flat on the floor, shoulders are in a relaxed position and not hunched forward or back, elbows are kept at a right angle (90 degrees), wrists are straight, and forearms are parallel to the floor. And, remember, keep that good posture.
  • Minimize repetitive movements as much as possible. This is along the lines of taking frequent breaks. It is important to alternate between repetitive tasks so as to reduce the strain on your wrists and hands caused by typing or other repetitive movements.
  • Keep your hands nice and toasty. Ensure your hands are warm when performing repetitive tasks. This will reduce your chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

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