The firm of Petro Cohen, P.C. is committed to serving both the English and Spanish speaking communities of New Jersey in the areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury law.  Don’t allow a language barrier to stand in the way of getting the compensation you deserve.

Our workers’ compensations lawyers take satisfaction in providing exceptional advice and counsel to injury victims.  Our team is always working to ensure that we get everything to which our clients are entitled.  Because we truly care about our clients, our attorneys have helped thousands of English and Spanish speaking workers who were hurt in an on-the-job injury, involved in a work-related accident or from a repetitive motion injury.

In work-related injury cases, our experienced professionals can often lessen the length of time it takes to schedule a hearing and secure benefits and payments. If you have experienced an on-the-job injury, we will pursue a settlement as quickly as possible.

The professional achievements of our partners are impressive, but what is even more impressive is the commitment we make to each individual client.  Please see our attorney profiles for more information about our experience and expertise.  Our warm and friendly staff includes numerous Spanish-speaking team members to assist our Hispanic clients.

Many Hispanic workers do not know that the workers’ compensation laws are in place for their protection. All workers are entitled to the same workers’ compensation protection. If you have questions about a workers’ compensation or personal injury, we are certain that we can address your concerns and provide the legal support you need. Contact the firm of Petro Cohen, P.C. today for a free initial consultation. Se habla español.