Officially recognized by the President of the United States, Building Safety Month is an opportunity for people in across America to focus on the importance of building and construction safety. Started by the International Code Council (ICC) in 1980, Building Safety month is observed each May in order to promote awareness of issues ranging from fire risks to improper workforce training.

Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes

Each year, the ICC selects a theme for Building Safety Month. For 2015, the ICC’s theme is, Resilient Communities Start with Building Codes. Each week during the month of May, the ICC will be focusing its efforts on a unique aspect of premises safety and the importance of building to code:

● Fire Safety – Buildings need to be constructed with appropriate fire warning and suppression systems. They must also have escape routes that provide occupants with the opportunity to exit in the event of a fire.
● Preparing for Natural Disasters – As we know all too well here in New Jersey, hurricanes and other natural disasters can wreak havoc in the blink of an eye. Homes and commercial buildings need to be built to code in order to help withstand the punishing forces of nature.
● Water Safety – From installing pool covers and step ladders to fixing cracks in sidewalks due to water intrusion, water safety takes many forms. Children and adults alike face threats of injury and death when building codes and safety practices are not observed.
● Energy Safety – Homes and other buildings that use natural gas must be built to code to avoid issues with fumes and fire. Heating and air conditioning systems should be maintained regularly to protect against clogs and other issues that can lead to fires as well. In general, any systems that use fuel or electricity must be carefully and professionally installed and maintained in order to prevent construction site and premises-related accidents.

As you can see, building to code is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is avoiding unnecessary construction site and premises-related accidents. Construction site accidents claim thousands of lives every year, and many more people suffer as a result of slips, falls, electrocution, dangerous sidewalks and staircases, and other accidents that can give rise to premises liability claims.

We encourage everyone to help promote Building Safety Month this May. By spreading the word about building safety, we can all play a part in reducing the risk of unnecessary accidents and injuries.

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