Even chiropractors can have compensable spinal conditions. On July 23, 2015, a client of Petro Cohen who is a hard-working chiropractor received a compensation Award of permanent partial disability in the overall amount of 60% of his body. The Judge of Workers’ Compensation made the Award for the orthopedic and neurologic residuals of a compensable spinal injury that required two separate microdiscectomy procedures with an unoperated right shoulder injection. The Award entitled the chiropractor to 360 weeks of compensation benefits paid at the tax-free weekly rate of $619 for a total of $222,840, along with the right to re-open his claim within two years of the last date of payment.

While, fortunately, the client has still been able to maintain his medical practice, there is no doubt that he has a partial loss of function due to anatomic changes from his compensable spinal injury. The compensation Award recognizes a significant impact upon his ability to function, even though he is still able to practice his profession.

Many people do not realize that permanent loss of function benefits can be paid even though there is not necessarily a loss of income. As demonstrated with this case, sometimes the compensation can be significant, depending upon the severity of the injury and the body part or parts involved.

Every case is different. However, even medical professionals can receive a significant compensation award if they otherwise have a compensable accident or if they suffer from WEAR and TEAR due to repetitive stress in connection with an occupational exposure.

In addition to the substantial financial Award, the client will also have two years from the last date of benefit to seek further related medical treatment and to potentially receive even further compensation if the condition worsens. This is an example of the full protection of the Workers’ Compensation Statute.

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