According to information recently released by the National Safety Council, an American worker suffers a work-related injury every seven seconds. Each hour, 540 workers get hurt. More than 4,700,000 are injured each year. Thankfully, most of the injuries are not serious. They nevertheless cost workers and businesses plenty. During 2014, for example, work-related injuries accounted for some 99,000,000 lost days of production. It’s clear that the workplace can be a dangerous place to be. But what are the most common causes of work-related accidents and injuries?

Five Most Common Types of Work-Related Injuries

According to a study released by Travelers Insurance, a major workers’ compensation insurer, the five most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries are listed below.

Material handling – Accounting for almost one-third of all workers’ compensation claims, material handling includes lifting, lowering, filling, emptying, or carrying materials. Typical injuries sustained in this category include strains, sprains, cuts and punctures, fractures, and contusions.

Slips, trips, and falls – These types of injuries account for 16 percent of work-related injury claims. These are particularly serious in the construction industry, where falling from a height is among the top causes of injury and death.

Being struck by an object – Ten percent of all workers’ compensation claims involve being struck by some sort of object. It may be a boom from a piece of heavy equipment. It may be materials falling from a construction site. It may even be a vehicle. These accidents represent some of the most severe in New Jersey, and around the nation.

Accidents involving tools – Again, in the construction industry, many workers are cut with saws and other power tools. Chainsaws, nail guns, jackhammers, and other types of tools take their toll on New Jersey workers. These sorts of accidents represent seven percent of workers’ compensation claims.

Trauma that occurs over time – These can be referred to as WEAR and TEAR injuries. They represent approximately four percent of all claims filed in the United States and occur when a part of the body is injured by overuse or strain. Injuries within this category include carpal tunnel syndrome, certain respiratory diseases (e.g., chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), and other types of conditions that require multiple “mini-trauma.”

You Work Hard; Now Let Us Work Hard For You!

If you have been injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You need not prove that your employer was at-fault, and in most cases, you can recover even if the accident was caused by a mistake or inattention on your part. While some work-related injury claims are more difficult to establish than others, the attorneys at Petro Cohen, P.C., have both the skill and experience required.

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