At Petro Cohen, P.C., we specialize in New Jersey workers’ compensation cases. As our main practice area, we make it a goal to educate the public and our clients about the aspects and issues of workers’ comp claims. One such topic is permanency benefits awards. Sometimes the injuries leading to a workers’ comp case permanently impair the functionality of a body part. A permanency award is an award of monetary compensation for the functional loss of a particular body part. It may be helpful in these cases to seek the counsel of an experienced NJ workers’ comp attorney to help you protect your rights and understand the process of your compensation claim.

For instance, permanency determinations are made when the treating physician decides that the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement, meaning that treatment will no longer effect a change in the condition of the patient. An independent physician will then be called upon to review the medical records and current physical condition of the injured worker, in order to estimate the extent of disability. Then, a percentage of loss will be assigned to the injury and compensation will be determined according to a New Jersey State Schedule of Disabilities benefit chart.

The objective evidence provided by the medical testing and diagnosis are required for the award of permanency benefits. However, you do not have to be totally disabled to receive a permanency award. You may even be able to return to your regular work and still qualify for this benefit. Call on a knowledgeable and experience Atlantic City workers’ compensation lawyer to evaluate your case and even help you fight for compensation and protect your rights after an injury on the job. Click here or call Petro Cohen, P.C. today at (888) 675-7607 to schedule a consultation.