NORTHFIELD, NJ – September 8, 2015 – The recovery in a workplace injury can result in significant compensation depending upon the severity of the injury, even though an individual may not be permanently and totally disabled because of it.

On June 11, 2012, our client, a maintenance worker, fell at work, injuring his left hip. In September of 2014, the client received an Award of compensation for an “unoperated” left hip injury resulting in a permanency finding of 15% of his body, representing $19,440 in compensation.

Thereafter, the worker’s condition worsened and his claim was re-opened. He ultimately underwent a left hip replacement. He subsequently received an Award of 50% of his body, which in turn entitled him to 300 weeks of compensation paid at the tax-free weekly rate of $540, for a total of $62,000 in compensation, inclusive of the previous Award.

The client will also have the right to re-open his claim at any time during the future payments, plus an additional two years in the event that his condition worsens to the point where he may need further treatment and/or has increased loss of function. The Judge found him to be a very hard-working, credible individual and determined that his overall condition represented a significant overall loss of function.

Not every hip replacement results in such a significant disability Award. However, this is an example of how some claims can result in significant compensation, depending upon the severity of the problem, even though an individual may not be permanently and totally disabled because of it.

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