At Petro Cohen, P.C., we represent victims of all kinds of accidents. Throughout our years of experience, we have seen numerous situations where individuals have put their cases at risk – and in some instances clearly left money on the table – by failing to take necessary action following their accident. However, we have also seen plenty of instances of individuals helping themselves tremendously by taking appropriate steps and precautions to help preserve their personal injury claims.

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Involved in an Accident

To prepare yourself in case you are ever involved in a vehicle collision or other accident, here are four things you can do to help increase your chances of a financial recovery.

1. Obtain Copies of Police and Incident Reports.
The more records you can collect first-hand, the better. This means less waiting later. In auto accidents and other situations where the police are involved, you should obtain a copy of the accident report as soon as it is available from the police. For workers’ compensation claims, you should receive a copy of the incident report from your employer. In a situation such as a fall down case, it is always advisable to fill out an official incident report at the location of your fall (i.e. grocery store, move theater, etc.)

Regardless of the situation, always review the official reports and attempt to correct any inaccuracies as promptly as possible.

2. Take Plenty of Photos.
One of the best ways to combat inaccurate reports and inconsistent statements is with photographic evidence. If your phone has a camera, use it liberally at the scene of the accident. Take pictures of property damage, license plates, dangerous road conditions – anything that might be relevant to your claim for damages. If you don’t have a phone with a camera, consider keeping a disposable camera in your glove box.

3. Seek Medical Attention.
When you are involved in a serious accident, the extent of your injuries will not immediately be clear. It can often take 24 hours or more to start to notice symptoms, and with certain internal injuries, you might not notice that anything is wrong at all. As a result, it is important to seek medical treatment even if you do not feel severely injured. Follow your doctor’s advice, and try to obtain copies of your records.

4. Avoid Speaking to the Insurance Companies.
The insurance companies will try to settle your claim for as little money as possible. To do so, they will ask you to provide a recorded statement before you know the full extent of your injuries and other losses. To avoid making mistakes in dealing with the insurance adjusters, you should simply avoid speaking with them. Your attorney will communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf and ensure that you retain the best position possible to maximize your financial compensation.

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