The New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety calls distracted driving a “dangerous epidemic.” On average, distracted driving is a contributing factor in more than 150,000 auto accidents in New Jersey each year. Nationwide, thousands of innocent victims are killed every year by distracted drivers.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident caused by a distracted driver, it is important that you speak with an attorney about filing a claim for financial compensation. The financial and non-financial consequences of auto accidents can be severe, and recovering just compensation could be the only way to move on with your life. Since distracted driving is covered by auto insurance, most claims against distracted drivers are resolved through settlements with the insurance companies. However, in order to obtain a fair settlement, it will be important for you to take certain steps as soon as possible.

What Should You Do after a Distracted Driving Accident in New Jersey?

Even if you are certain that the driver who hit you was distracted (e.g., if you saw the driver talking on the phone or he or she admitted to texting at the time of the crash), you will still need evidence in order to convince the insurance companies to settle. This includes evidence of the cause of the accident as well as evidence that your (or your loved one’s) injuries resulted from the crash. With this in mind, after a distracted driving accident in New Jersey, it is important to follow some key steps.

1. Have a Law Firm Investigate as Soon as Possible

In order to prove that the other driver was distracted at the time of the accident, it will be necessary to conduct an investigation. This includes collecting forensic evidence at the scene of the accident. Tire markings, damage to guardrails and signs, the location of the crash, and the local traffic patterns are all relevant factors in determining which vehicle caused an accident. Determining the availability of police records, phone records, video footage, and other evidence can be crucial to proving that a driver was distracted as well.

2. Seek a Prompt Medical Diagnosis

When seeking compensation for traumatic injuries, it is necessary to prove that your injuries resulted from the crash. This means that you should seek a medical diagnosis right away. While you may ultimately need to see another doctor in order to obtain treatment for your injuries, going to the emergency room can provide critical documentation in support of your claim.

3. Work with an Attorney to Calculate Your Losses

Whether you suffered traumatic injuries in the accident or you lost a family member, calculating your losses is not a straightforward process. New Jersey law allows for the recovery of both financial and non-financial compensation, and this includes compensation for current and future losses. In order to determine how much you are entitled to recover, you will need to work closely with an attorney to assess the long-term effects of the accident. In most cases, car accident victims’ future damages will far exceed their immediate losses.

4. Avoid Listening to the Insurance Companies

When you file an insurance claim, the insurance companies have one objective: to resolve your claim for as little money as possible. The insurance companies will utilize a variety of tactics to try to get you to settle quickly before you have a full understanding of the amount you are rightfully owed. As a result, once you file your claim, you should let your attorney deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. This will ensure that you do not say anything that jeopardizes your claim, and it will ensure that you do not feel pressured to settle for less than you deserve.

5. Make Informed Decisions with Your Long-Term Best Interests in Mind

After an accident, you only have one opportunity to recover just compensation. If you settle too soon, you will be forced to live with the consequences of someone else’s mistake for years (if not decades) to come. When evaluating settlement offers, you need to do so with your long-term best interests in mind. While it may be tempting to resolve your case quickly, you need to stay focused on making sure that you and your family will have the financial resources you need in the future.

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