On October 20, 2022, Petro Cohen P.C. settled a $425,000 “wear and tear” claim for a 41-year-old server who alleged that her work duties cause or aggravated her spinal medical conditions.

Through the firm’s representation led by Dan Rosenthal, Esq. she received court-ordered medical treatment including physical therapy, injections, and medication. Surgery was recommended, but she declined. At the time of her employment, her wages were approximately $13.50 per hour. She also utilized medicinal marijuana.

There were two separate worker’s compensation carriers involved. This particular exposure case is a good example of the potential significant recovery that can be made even in cases where the wages are not particularly high and the claim is completely contested at the outset.

It should be emphasized that each case has its special circumstances, but as we say, wear and tear is real. Workers’ compensation is not only confined to specific accidents but substantial benefits can potentially be paid in occupational exposure situations which most hardworking do not even consider as providing potential eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

We also encourage no-charge direct inquiries to our office. We are also glad to help educate the public and represent those people who we believe have potentially eligible claims even if medical treatment was not originally submitted under a workers’ compensation claim.

Our consultations are always free of charge and we never require any payment from clients for our actual representation unless and until there is a successful recovery for which the fee is awarded by the Court.

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