Knowing Social Security Disability Eligibility in New Jersey

Most everyone knows that you are eligible for Social Security benefits if you have shown a work history long enough to qualify you under Social Security guidelines. However, to qualify for disability benefits, there is a specific formula used to determine your eligibility.

For instance, you must be disabled with a condition that is expected to last a year or more and prevent you from working. Because it can take quite a long while for your application to process, you should begin the process as soon as you know the extent of your disability.

Along with your application, the Social Security Administration will require the following information to process your eligibility:

· Your Social Security number

· Your birth certificate

· Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your physicians and other healthcare providers

· Names and dosage of your drug prescriptions

· Medical records and laboratory results from your healthcare providers

· A summary of where you were employed and the work you did

· A copy of your most recent W2 form or federal tax return

SSD claimants who have been approved to receive Social Security disability insurance benefits are subject to a waiting period of five months before Social Security owes the claimant disability benefits. For example, if you are found to be totally disabled as of January 2014, you will not be entitled to begin receiving your monthly benefits until June 2014.

Although Social Security matters take many months to resolve, enlisting the aid and advice of a Social Security attorney in New Jersey can always be beneficial. The Social Security lawyers at Petro Cohen, P.C., can help you submit your claim and keep your submitted medical records current, as well as unravel any confusion you may have concerning your case and the process entailed.

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