You were injured in an accident at work in New Jersey. Are you entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? While many people believe that the type of accident in which they were injured matters, in most circumstances, this is not the case. If you were injured at work and you are an eligible employee, then you are entitled to benefits, regardless of how you got hurt. Common exceptions to this broad rule are if you were drunk or high, or if you hurt yourself intentionally.   However, these exceptions do not apply in the vast majority of cases.

With this in mind, the following are all examples of common workplace accidents for which workers’ compensation benefits are available under New Jersey law:

1. Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are the most common cause of work-related injuries and fatalities. This includes accidents occurring on job sites, as well as accidents that occur on highways and other public roads. If you were injured in an auto accident while you were on the clock, then there is a good chance that you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

2. Electrocutions

Electrocutions are common causes of workplace injuries as well, particularly on construction sites. Failure to control hazardous energy sources (e.g., failure to follow lockout/tagout procedures), faulty wiring, and various other issues can all create extremely hazardous circumstances for workers in the vicinity.

3. Falls

Falls are another leading cause of workplace injuries and deaths. This includes falls from heights (e.g., falling from a roof or higher floor), as well as falls caused by slips and trips on the ground level. Since workers’ compensation is a no-fault system in New Jersey, you can file a claim even if your fall was the result of snow, ice, or any other fact that was not within your employer’s control.

4. Flying and Falling Objects

Flying and falling objects are also common injury risks on construction sites throughout New Jersey. Building materials, debris, and other objects can cause serious injuries ranging from severe lacerations and bone fractures to concussions and other types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

5. Hand and Power Tool Accidents

Hand and power tool accidents can occur under a variety of circumstances and for a variety of different reasons. If you accidentally injured yourself, or if a co-worker accidentally injured you, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

6. Heavy Machinery Accidents

Accidents involving forklifts and other types of heavy machinery are also common.. From malfunctions and improper maintenance to operator error and horseplay, all types of issues can support claims for workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey law.

7. Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents

Unsafe ladders and scaffolding are to blame for numerous job-related injuries and deaths in New Jersey every year. If you were forced to work in an unsafe environment or to use unsafe equipment, you can – and should – file a claim to collect the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

8. Lifting Accidents

Injuries from lifting, pulling, twisting, and other similar types of movements are among the most common causes of job-related injuries for workers in numerous occupations. You do not have to perform these movements as part of your normal job duties in order to file a claim for benefits. For example, if you work in an office and you injure your back bending over to lift something up, your injury is covered under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation statute.

9. Accidents Involving Inadequate Safety Equipment or Training

Job-related accidents involving inadequate safety equipment or training are far too common. While employers should provide their employees with the tools and knowledge they need in order to do their jobs safely, this very frequently does not happen.

10. Accidents Involving Co-Worker Negligence

If a co-worker made a mistake that causes your job-related injury, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits just as you could if anyone else was to blame for the accident. In fact, many workers’ compensation claims involve this exact scenario. Under New Jersey’s no-fault system, you do not need to prove that your co-worker was negligent in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

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