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Nicole S.

Case Opened: September 2016
Case Resolved: September 2018

When I was seriously injured in a car accident, I had heard of Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo and seen their billboards, and was also referred to Susan Petro by a friend. After my experience, I would absolutely recommend Susan and her law firm.

The injuries I sustained from my car accident were causing a significant change in my life, including my job, so I felt like I needed legal representation.

I called to set up my first meeting at the firm and found everyone to be very welcoming, polite, and empathetic. In meeting Susan, I liked how up front and real she was. She was very thorough with all of her questions and listened to everything I had to say, playing devil’s advocate. I really liked that she didn’t make false promises or mislead me. She always kept it real and didn’t get my hopes up.

I absolutely would recommend Susan Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo for anyone injured in a serious automobile accident.

Throughout the process, there was excellent communication. I felt like they always let me know what was going on. Any time they sent documentation to the doctor, they always sent me a copy. And if I reached out to Susan with questions, she was very quick to return my call or e-mail, no matter how busy she was or how late it was!

I was very pleased with my settlement and surprised that it happened in just two years, when I had heard that it could take three to five years. Susan definitely had my back and was dedicated to getting me as much as possible for the settlement.

Susan and the Petro Cohen team alleviated a lot of stress on my end – I didn’t have to worry about anything other than getting better. I felt like they were being professional, upfront, and honest; it gave me great peace of mind to know that they were doing everything right. I absolutely would recommend Susan Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo for anyone injured in a serious automobile accident.


WC Case Opened: November 2015
WC Case Resolved: August 2018

When I was injured at work, I reached out to a friend who also had a workplace accident and she highly recommended Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo. After my experience with the firm, I’m now the one recommending their services!

I was working in a retail environment when a shelf fell at work and injured my knee. Although I could feel that something was pulled in the back of my knee, I actually didn’t realize the extent of my injury until a coworker pointed out that I was limping, and made me fill out an accident report.

The road to recovery was a long process! Initially, the doctor took x-rays and put me in a brace. I then had to have my meniscus repaired, but I was still having difficulty, in spite of the surgery and physical therapy that followed. Throughout the process, I was able to work somewhat, but even with the store adjusting my tasks to accommodate my injury, I was still having difficulties. Eventually, I was told that I needed a knee replacement, which I had done.

In dealing with Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo, I felt very comfortable with Steve Lubcher and the others at the firm. Everyone was very pleasant and accommodating. If I called with a question, I always got a response – they were very on point with having someone talk to me or get back to me with the information that I needed.

If I called with a question, I always got a response – they were very on point with having someone talk to me or get back to me with the information that I needed.

Sometimes you feel as if you are begin ignored – that was NOT the case with Petro Cohen. I already felt comfortable because a friend had recommended the firm, but I was also very pleased with their handling of my case and felt like that did whatever needed to be done.

Steve was really good with getting back to me or my son when we reached out. I was very pleased with how I was treated and felt that Steve was both personable and attentive. I also felt comfortable knowing that everything would be taken care of throughout the process.

Although it was good to get a nice financial settlement, the most important thing to me was the reassurance that the case could be reopened should something else arise as a result of the initial injury. It was a long process, but I was pleased with the outcome and will continue recommending Petro Cohen law firm to anyone injured at work.


WC Case Opened: April 2009
WC Case Resolved: May 2018

WC Case Opened: October 2016
WC Case Resolved: May 2018

I am very grateful to Frank Petro as well as everyone at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo. They got me through the rough times, got me the surgeries that I needed, and followed up on everything for me.

I had a serious accident at work in 2008 and ended up falling hard on concrete. I had to have my first of four surgeries after the fall and began to realize that I probably would not be able to go back to work and to the job I loved. I felt like I had to protect my wife and family so I decided to see an attorney.

I had heard of Petro Cohen from their commercials and a friend has used the firm and was very pleased. Like my friend, I ended up recommending Frank Petro and his firm after my experience.

I can’t thank Frank Petro and his entire staff enough.

It was a little weird for me meeting with an attorney for the first time – I had never been involved with lawyers or ever had a lawsuit so the pace of things can be intimidating. Frank explained the process and warned me that it could be lengthy – there was a lot involved in proving the accident and injury were legitimate and dealing with the big insurance company.

Sometimes it got a little stressful. I’m so thankful for my wife who could process everything better than I could – she knew what questions to ask and, if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I could have gotten through everything. Even though it took a long time, the end result was worth it.

I’d never been involved in a workers’ compensation case but dealing with Petro Cohen was a very good experience. The case went smooth and you could tell Frank Petro knows his business. If he tells you he’s going to get something done – he’s going to get it done!

I can’t thank Frank Petro and his entire staff enough. With their help, my life is better and I know what the future holds and my limitations are.


WC Case Opened: June 2015
WC Case Resolved: February 2018

I had been suffering for a while with severe pain in my neck, when a coworker recommended that I talk with Frank Petro at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo. Frank had helped my co-worker several times with various workplace injuries and he highly recommended that I talk with Mr. Petro.

It turns out my injury was a large herniated disk in my neck which was pressing against a nerve. Although surgery was an option, I chose not to have it and just kept trying to get better through shots and treatments.

I finally made an appointment to speak with Mr. Petro and really had no expectations – just to talk about my injuries and see what he might say. Since my injury happened over time, I wasn’t even sure if I qualified for workers’ compensation. After talking with him, I was impressed. Frank Petro was awesome!

Frank Petro is great at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a workplace injury…

My case was not going to be cut and dry – there was work that had to be done to prove that the injury was a result of my work activities. Mr. Petro explained everything that was going to happen and he was dead on. There was no anticipation on my part – he advised me on the process the whole way through and couldn’t have been more right!

He really was incredible and was able to get the insurance company to own the injury. He even made them agree to be responsible for surgery, should I decide that I need it down the line.

I was absolutely 100% pleased with the outcome of my case. Frank Petro is great at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a workplace injury, particularly one like mine, an occupational or wear and tear injury. I couldn’t be happier with everything he did for me – anyone suffering a workplace injury would be a fool not to go to him for help!


WC Case Opened: November 2016
WC Case Resolved: January 2018

I’m pretty straightforward, so it was great to work with Frank Petro who is a very upfront person. He made me feel very comfortable and was very personable and friendly in addition to being professional.

I was rear ended by another party when I was using a work vehicle during normal hours. As a result of the accident, I had severe back pain and neck pain, and ended up in the local hospital. After the accident, I had to see a doctor once a week in the beginning, then saw an orthopedic doctor once every three weeks while continuing with physical therapy. Due to the injuries, I was put on light duty at work for over six months and eventually got laid off.

When I finished physical therapy, I was still in pain and continued to have a lot of problems with my neck and back. I knew I needed additional treatment, which is when I contacted Petro Cohen law firm.

I felt like family – my needs were being met, they were listening to me, and I was being heard.

I actually had heard Frank’s radio commercial about wear and tear numerous times. It really appealed to me – listening to him, it sounded like a good firm to call.

I liked that they told me exactly what they would do for me and that the paralegal was always in contact telling me what was going on.

Everybody seemed very personable and they treated me like a whole person, not a person with an injury. I felt very comfortable with that. I was getting personalized service and they were trying their best to take care of my injuries.

When Mr. Petro took over my case, he wanted to meet me in person and get to know me a little bit. He continued to update me on the case and how to move forward. I felt like family – my needs were being met, they were listening to me, and I was being heard. Having worked in the human services area, I know what good personal service entails as I do it every day.

I was happy with the outcome of my case – everything was explained to me and went along exactly the way it was explained. I would recommend Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo law firm and would definitely go back if I had another work-related injury.


WC Case Opened: April 2010
WC Case Resolved: December 2017
PI Case Opened: March 2012
PI Case Resolved: June 2013

When I was injured at work, a client recommended that I reach out to Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo and I was glad I did as Mr. Petro helped me out significantly.

Working as a teacher, I fell at work and tore my meniscus in my right and left knees, with my right knee damaged more so than the left. The firm helped me to get the proper medical treatment needed as well as compensation from work based on the severity of the injuries.

During my first visit with the firm, the office was impressive – it looked and was run very professionally. It was very busy, which I took as a good sign. I was also impressed seeing all of the Best Lawyer and other recognition plaques for Mr. Petro and the firm, which made me feel very comfortable with my decision.

When I met with Mr. Petro, he was very cordial, relaxed, and professional. He made me feel comfortable and I felt like I could open up to him and tell him what was going on.

When I met with Mr. Petro, he was very cordial, relaxed, and professional. He made me feel comfortable and I felt like I could open up to him and tell him what was going on. He didn’t lead me, but worded the conversation so that I would remember certain aspects and then tell him so that he would have all of the information needed to best serve me.

I was very happy with his work – he was diligent and incredibly helpful, as well as a very nice man.

As a result of my knee injury, I started having issues with my hip and needed to get my right hip replaced. Mr. Petro got me reparations from work for this as well, because the issue was a result of my initial knee injuries.

The waiting period was long – but I knew that going in, as Frank explained everything to me initially, letting me know that it would take a while for the maximum effect. There were really no surprises. Throughout the process, I was kept informed and felt comfortable calling if I needed to know anything as they were always responsive.

I was very pleased with the outcome and would go back in a heartbeat if I had another issue. I’ve already recommended other people to the firm.

During the workers’ comp claim, I was involved in a car accident when someone hit into me. Frank’s wife, Susan Petro, represented me and got a good settlement for me as well. Just like Frank, she was professional, courteous, informative, and made me feel very comfortable. They are the perfect pair!

I am happy to provide this testimonial as I have only complimentary feelings toward Frank, Susan, and Petro Cohen law firm.


Case Opened: September 2007 (WC Accident)
Case Resolved: October 2008
Case Opened: October 2008 (Occupational Claim)
Case Resolved: June 30, 2010
Case Opened: March 2012 (Reopener 2008 Occup. Claim; New Occup. Claim)
Case Resolved: July 2017 (Reopener Occupational Claim)
Case Resolved: November 2017 (New Occupational Claim)
Case Opened: April 2015 (WC Accident)
Case Resolved: November 2017

Frank Petro is wonderful! I have a lot of respect for him and the great job he’s done for me.

I have been a truck driver for the same company for over 30 years. When I first started, I made all the deliveries by myself – everything from windows to shingles to heavy doors and siding. It wasn’t until 2001 that I finally had a helper to share the load of the heavy lifting that the job required.

Over the years, I had several injuries – knees, back, neck, and hand, but it wasn’t until I injured my ribs falling from the truck that I went to see Frank. A friend at our church referred me as she had hurt her back and Frank worked on getting her compensation. I knew nothing about New Jersey law and how I might be entitled to compensation.

My first encounter with Mr. Petro was in his Northfield office, which was very convenient to me as it was close to my church. What really impressed me were his questions – he wanted to know everything and was very thorough. I could tell he was able to grasp what I had been going through. I just liked him a lot and, after having worked with him, feel he is a great guy.

Frank Petro is wonderful! I have a lot of respect for him and the great job he’s done for me.

He worked to get me a settlement on my broken ribs, and then again when I had to have by knees replaced. The knee settlement was much larger than I thought would happen, and he even managed to include my lower back in the claim so that I could receive a percentage of disability for that as well. I’ve been back to Frank a few other times since and, given the nature of my work, I will likely go back to Frank for other injuries as well.

I have already referred Frank Petro to numerous people – I actually keep his cards with me and give them out regularly to everyone!

One of the best parts of working with Frank was that I didn’t have to chase after him – he would keep me updated on the case – even calling me at home. He is right on the ball with keeping in touch with clients and I will continue to recommend him to others.


Case Opened: April 2011
Case Resolved: October 2017

I can’t say enough about the folks at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo! Complete professionalism, very friendly, and definitely had my best interest at heart.

When I was seriously injured at work a few years ago, I asked a good friend of mine who is an attorney who I should reach out to for assistance. He told me Frank Petro was the best workers’ compensation attorney in the area – and he was right!

I was foreman on a construction site working in a tight area on a small ladder when it collapsed, causing a severe tear of my meniscus. I reported the accident to my Project Manager, told him I could no longer work, and headed to the hospital, where I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon told me that the tear in my knee was so bad, they wanted to do surgery within a few weeks. Over the course of the next few years, I ended up having three procedures on my knee.

I can’t say enough about the folks at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo!

When the accident first occurred, I received workers’ compensation for a few months. Then after the first surgery, they wanted me to go back to work, even though it was clear that I needed more treatments and still was unable to work.

That’s when I turned to Mr. Petro and his team at Petro Cohen. Everyone there has such a level of professionalism and yet, they talk with you at a level that you can understand. I really felt like I was a friend, not just a client. It was a very good experience.

In addition to working with Frank Petro and Terri Hiles, Janet Giddings was my case worker and did an exceptional job keeping me informed, especially considering it took seven years for my case to finally be resolved. If Mr. Petro or Ms. Hiles were not available, I could speak with Janet. She was there to answer any questions and, if she didn’t have the answer, would research and get back to me within a day. I had a high comfort level knowing she would always respond, which she did, every single time.

I was also impressed with the fact that they had my best interest in mind, and were most concerned that I received the proper medical attention and treatment that I needed.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case! I no longer have to worry about medical treatments or my finances with the settlement award of 100% permanent disability, which they fought hard to get for me. When I first met with Frank, he told me that my chances were about 50-50 for this type of award settlement, so needless to say, I was thrilled with the decision and the final outcome.

I have already recommended three people to Petro Cohen law firm and would highly recommend them to anyone with a workers’ compensation issue.


WC Case Opened: February 2014
WC Case Resolved: January 2016
PI Case Opened: June 2015
PI Case Resolved: September 2017

After working with the lawyers and staff at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo, my husband and I feel that they are genuinely devoted and exceptional at what they do! They feel your pain and truly care about what you are going through!

When I was injured at work, my cousin highly recommended that I speak with Frank Petro. Frankly, I tend to be a trooper and loved where I worked, so when I fell at work, I didn’t even want to stop working…filing for workers’ compensation was the last thing on my mind! Even though I couldn’t get up for 45 minutes, I ended up hobbling back to work and kept working until it got so bad that I couldn’t walk.

On top of them being so professional – they make you feel like family…

When I first dealt with Petro Cohen law firm, I met with Terri Hiles, who was very professional and very helpful. This was the first time anything like this ever happened to me so I had no idea how to navigate everything. Terri explained the process, told me I could reach out at any time with questions, and just made me feel like I was in good hands. In fact, everything at the office was so pleasant, from the person at the reception desk to Frank’s assistant, Janet Giddings, who absolutely amazed me at how quickly she would find answers to my questions and get back to me.

I honestly wasn’t even sure I would need Terri’s help – I told her I would think about it and continued to deal with the insurance adjuster from work regarding my claim. He seemed so genuinely concerned about me and very caring. I was still in so much pain after my knee surgery that he told me to go for an MRI. However, when they found issues with my lower back on the MRI, all of a sudden, the adjuster no longer returned my calls and didn’t want any more testing done. What a drastic change!

With the adjuster being nonresponsive and my pain continuing to get worse, I decided I needed the professional help of the Petro Cohen team. Meeting with Frank Petro was impressive – he, too, is very professional and is a wiz! I never saw someone take so many notes and remember everything! He is very good at communicating and I felt comfortable calling him on his cell phone, which was his suggestion. In fact, I once texted Mr. Petro while he was out to dinner and he called me back immediately! He explained what to expect and my expectations were met, 100%!

Unfortunately, things got worse! As I was coming back from getting a shot for my foot, our car was rear ended. They took my husband and I to the hospital and, afterward, we were very shaken up. We had been so happy with Mr. Petro, we stopped by the firm to see if he could help us out. They recommended us to his wife, Susan Petro. Susan was great and actually taught me to communicate by e-mail. Like Frank, she responded immediately to my outreach via e-mail, even if she was busy. Susan was very in tune on picking up on anything that I needed.

Although the accident was life changing, impacting my daily activity and certainly our finances, we were very happy with the outcome of our case.

I would absolutely recommend Frank Petro, Terri Hiles, Susan Petro, and everyone at Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo. It was very convenient for us to have the workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys in one building. They were all very professional – answering all of our questions and getting back to us quickly.

On top of them being so professional – they make you feel like family – that is the truth! Everybody there is wonderful!


Case Opened: April 2017
Case Resolved: July 2017

Hi Suzanne and Hallie – Received your letter today and I just wanted to thank both of you for all you did to help in getting me approved for permanent disability. My body especially thanks you!

The process ended up being much faster than we all expected due in part to your effort and in part to my aching bones.

This has been my second great experience with your law firm…

This has been my second great experience with your law firm (the first being with Steven and Janet) in having positive results. Again, thank you and hopefully the w/c [workers’ compensation] injury claim going forward will have the best result of all!

Mr. Petro should consider substantial increases in compensation at your next individual reviews for all that everyone there does for their clients. (And let’s not forget Terri, either!)

Poured it on a little thick I know, but all true. See you all going forward with the upcoming filings.


Case Opened: January 2013
Case Resolved: September 2017

I would highly recommend Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo! Barry Cohen and his assistant, Christina Philpot, along with Rich Gaeckle and everyone at the offices were just amazing!

My son was involved in an extremely serious automobile accident when he was 21 years old. He was at a bar drinking. Unfortunately, he was over served at which time he began acting out of character, became very obnoxious, and was clearly drunk.

Rather than put him in a taxi or take away his keys, he was allowed to leave the bar and ended up hitting a tree with his car. The EMTs, who later found and befriended us, told us they had never seen a more severe accident. Clearly, our son was lucky to be alive!

We learned about the accident when a cop showed up on our doorstep the next morning and, although I don’t remember getting there, we rushed to the hospital where we were faced with the horrible site of our son who had broken every bone in his head. He started out in the local trauma center for a week, but because of the damage to his eye, was sent to another trauma center which tried unsuccessfully to save his eye. He remained there for a few weeks. After that, they sent him back to our local hospital, and then to a rehabilitation facility.

I would highly recommend Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo! Barry Cohen and his assistant, Christina Philpot, along with Rich Gaeckle and everyone at the offices were just amazing!

I don’t actually remember how I got Barry Cohen’s name, but I called the office asking for him and spoke with his assistant, Chris, telling her our story in detail.

From when we first came into the offices to meet with Barry, it was a wonderful experience. Barry went over every little detail and, throughout the process, did not forget anything we told him. He is a cool guy – I just love him!

Barry and Chris are a great team – she always kept me up to date…even if I didn’t return her call, she would track me down. She cared and treated for my son as if he were her own!

I knew that even if we didn’t win the case, they tried their hearts out to win this for my son. And when we did win, they were so genuinely happy for us.

It was an amazing experience – they never made me feel inadequate. In fact, the front desk treated my son and me as if we were the firm’s only clients! It was a long and painful process, but they made it a wonderful experience and we all got very close in the process.

Rich Gaeckle came on the case a little later and, oh my gosh, what a guy! He knew every detail – as much as Barry did – and he cried when we settled! Actually, all of us were in tears – I could tell that our case really got to them. The three of them are priceless to us – we really love them for what they did for our son!

I already have recommended the firm to everybody that I’ve spoken with about our case and you can be sure I will continue to do so!


Case Opened: March 2017
Case Resolved: August 2017

I would recommend anyone who is in a car accident to contact Barry Cohen and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo – they were terrific!

I was involved in a serious automobile accident last February. I was heading home after a great night having dinner with my sister when I saw headlights coming toward me. I tried to swerve to get out of the way, but the car side swiped mine and my vehicle ended up on the other side of the road.

When I finally got over the initial shock, I looked to see if the other driver had stopped and didn’t even realize I had been injured. Fortunately, an EMT was on his way home and saw me. The police came and helped me to take my jacket off, which was when I saw blood on my fingers and realized that I was injured – my arm from my wrist to elbow was broken.

I had never been in a serious car accident my entire life and was very upset and crying. The police officer took one look at my car and told me I was lucky to be alive!

They put me in an ambulance, but I remember nothing after that. The ambulance took me to the local hospital, but I was then transferred to Cooper University Hospital Trauma Center because of the extent of my injuries. I vaguely remember being at Cooper and was heavily sedated with pain medication. Because I was on blood thinners, the doctor had to wait a few days before he could perform surgery. After surgery, I was transferred to a rehabilitation facility closer to my home, where I remained for over 30 days.

When I finally came home, I really wasn’t planning on suing anyone. But then I received the police report that said the other driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. The driver claimed he hadn’t been feeling well, but thought he could make it home without any problems. My feeling was that the driver had no right to be on the road if he was not feeling well!

I didn’t know of a lawyer, so I reached out to my pastor’s mother who gave me Barry Cohen’s number as he had taken care of a motorcycle accident claim for them.

I first met with another personal injury attorney at the firm, Rich Gaeckle. He was so patient with me! When I would ask a question, he would assure me that the question was not dumb and would take the time to answer everything, helping me through the entire process.

Mr. Cohen’s assistant, Christina Philpot, was also very nice, answering questions and assuring me that I could call at any time. If they weren’t there, they would call me back as soon as possible and never left me hanging.

I was very grateful that Mr. Cohen and the law firm did such a good job for me.

Barry Cohen was such a sweet gentleman and worked hard to help me through it all. He would call to see how I was feeling or ask different questions. I felt Barry and Rich went above and beyond when they tried to help my sister and her husband, whose car I had been driving at the time of the accident, with sorting out insurance issues from the accident.

When it came time to settle, Barry took the time to explain my options for settling the case. I had never planned on suing for millions of dollars, but just felt the other driver should never have been on the road and wanted some type of compensation for the accident he caused.

I am feeling better, but still have a rod in my arm that hurts every so often when I do certain things or when the weather is bad. I was very grateful that Mr. Cohen and the law firm did such a good job for me. Everyone there was decent and kind, never making me wait. They were so nice – I would recommend Petro Cohen to anybody!


Cases Opened: April 2015
Case Resolved: March 2016
Case Resolved: September 2017

When my wife and I were involved in a very serious car accident, we were fortunate to find Barry Cohen of Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo.

We were heading south on a two-lane highway when another vehicle pulled out into traffic t-boning a car heading north, which then slammed into ours. We were both seriously injured, although I was able to get out of the car. My wife saw steam coming up through the car and thought it was on fire, but because she had a broken foot and fractured ribs, she couldn’t get out. It was very frightening!

We knew we needed a lawyer so I did a Google search for a law firm that could help with our accident and found Barry Cohen. When I called him up, Barry came to our house and I was very impressed from the beginning. My first impression was that Barry was a very nice man – he was very straight forward and seemed very honest, which proved to be true. There was no “sales pitch” – although Barry was very personable, there was no bull!

After our experience, if I ever had to recommend a lawyer, it would be Barry Cohen!

My wife’s injuries were worse than mine and she will probably be messed up for the rest of her life. When they took the cast off her foot, her heel would not touch the floor. She was in terrible pain and her leg would turn purple! We went to four different specialists who kept telling us there was nothing wrong – even though it was quite obvious that there was an issue! Barry finally referred us to a great doctor who recognized that it was not her ankle that was the problem, it was her Achilles heel. She had to have surgery, and although she still has frequent pain, her foot at least reaches the floor now. She also had to have surgery on both hands from carpal tunnel caused by the accident.

Throughout the process, Barry was great at communicating with us and was very responsive. He actually gave us his cell phone number; if he didn’t answer right away, he returned our call within hours that same day. He never ignored us – even if we had a silly question, we knew we could call him direct.

We went to the firm’s offices several times and always had a great experience. We never had to wait more than a few minutes and the staff, especially Barry’s assistant, Christina Philpot, were very good and very polite.

When it same time to settle, Barry laid out all the options for us, taking time to explain the various scenarios and associated costs. Although he offered his advice, it was totally our choice and we decided to accept the settlement offer proposed.

We really felt good about choosing Barry and how he handled our case. After our experience, if I ever had to recommend a lawyer, it would be Barry Cohen! And if I ever needed a lawyer again, it would be Barry Cohen!


Initial WC Case Opened: January 2007
Initial WC Case Resolved: August 2010
Case Reopened: September 2011
Case Resolved: February 2014
Case Reopened: October 2015
Case Resolved: July 2017

I was very impressed and honored when Frank Petro asked if I would provide a testimonial. I figure with the thousands of satisfied clients he has represented, he certainly must have many who would testify to the great work he does!

I actually was first referred to Frank by my father, who worked for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Frank had a great reputation for helping my dad and many of his fellow employees with their workers’ comp litigation.

When I first came to the firm, I was in high school and was injured at work in a supermarket. From the first time I met with Frank, it was obvious that he had trained his staff to excel at customer service. From the very first consultation to the very end, Frank and his staff were wonderful. They continually followed up via mail or phone calls to ensure I was seeing the doctors on time and knew what was going on with my case.

When I was seriously injured at work years later, I didn’t hesitate in calling on Frank again. I was working for a supermarket unloading perishable trailers and was on a forklift. The dock plate that backs up to the truck caved in and the fork lift I was on fell to the floor. In the process, I was ejected from the forklift and landed hard on my rear, breaking a knee cap and hurting my spine. Because of the way I landed, my spine compressed upward, causing severe nerve damage, which ended up requiring double spinal fusion.

In spite of all the treatments I received, I still experience nerve damage today, which probably wouldn’t be as bad if it didn’t take the workers’ comp insurance company a YEAR to send me to the right doctor! Frank Petro and his team fought for me – they were adamant and persistent to make sure I got the proper care.

Frank really knows how to take care of clients – he really caters to the people he serves.

He knows his stuff! He is just very, very good at what he does – number one in our area, maybe in the nation! As far as I’m concerned, Frank Petro is second to none!

Like in my father’s industry, once the word got out about the great job Frank did for me, there have been a lot of referrals in the supermarket industry, many from me!

Frank really knows how to take care of clients – he really caters to the people he serves. In fact, I know they opened several other offices, including one in Cape May, to make it easier for clients to meet with them.

Frank and his entire team are very thorough at what they do and very knowledgeable. I call Frank the “brains” of the operation, but I’ve actually worked with Suzanne Holz Meola and Steve who have the same knowledge and work ethics, returning calls and not leaving you hanging.

They are all phenomenal…and they get to know you! Frank never looked at me as a number or a “paycheck” – he has gotten to know me, my family, my kids. The last thing on his mind is his compensation – he’s worried about your well-being and getting you everything you’re entitled to receive!

Unfortunately, I still deal with a lot of nerve damage. But Frank has stayed on top of my case and, every two years, has reopened the case to make sure I get evaluated and receive any additional medical care that might be necessary. He is just the nicest person I’ve met and you can be sure I will continue to refer him to anyone who is injured at work.


Case Opened: August 2015
Case Resolved: August 2017

When I was injured at work, a friend recommended Frank Petro as he had done a good job with his worker’s compensation case.

I had torn a ligament in my shoulder and injured my elbow when taking a guy into custody. Years before, I had learned a valuable lesson about filing workers’ comp claims. I had been injured at work but didn’t file a claim. When I went back to my employer a few years later to complain that I was having issues again, they told me it was too late as I hadn’t filed a claim when the initial injury occurred.

Years later, I dealt with another workers’ comp lawyer and was not happy with his services – the judge actually asked me if I had met with my attorney prior to court!

I was 100% satisfied with the law firm and have already referred three other people to Mr. Petro!

With Frank Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo, I had an excellent experience. They walked me through the process, were always on time with responding, and made sure I went to the different doctors necessary to make my case. They kept me informed all the way down the line with each step – even telling me what opposing attorneys or other doctors were saying.

Frank Petro was right on board – upbeat, honest, and explaining to me exactly how everything was going to happen. With his help, we reached a mutually agreeable settlement.

If I ever needed a workers’ comp attorney again, I would definitely go back to Petro Cohen and Frank Petro. I was 100% satisfied with the law firm and have already referred three other people to Mr. Petro!



Case Opened: June 2014
Case Resolved: August 2017

When I was injured at work, Frank Petro was a true blessing from God! He was awesome and did a stellar job for me and my family!

I can’t say enough good about Frank Petro – he was an answer to our prayers and blessing from God.

I had worked in the pool industry most of life. In the spring of 2014, we were preparing a hotel pool to get it ready for the season, which required draining and then painting this particular pool. I was coming out of the deep end of the pool when I stepped on wet paint – it was like stepping on ice; I slid around on the high slope and went down hard, landing face down knees up.

When I got out of the pool, they tried to send me home – I wanted to continue working but I couldn’t. The next day, I was determined to get back to work, but when I tried getting into the work van, I could barely open the door!

My company sent my case to their workers’ comp insurance company, but it took one and a half weeks to see the first doctor. He looked at my x-rays and told me there was nothing wrong. He offered me some pills to make me feel good. I refused and left the office. Now, I’ve worked since I was eight-years-old and always loved working. It’s been my therapy and a way for me to provide and take care of people, so I wanted to go back to work. I’ve gotten beat up over the years and rode BMX bikes – but never experienced anything like the pain I was having. But I don’t take pain meds and wasn’t about to start now!

That’s when I called Mr. Petro. My dad had told me about Frank Petro, who had represented him years before, and told me he was the guy I want to talk with. Both my dad and I are straight shooters and don’t like BS – he was right, Frank was straight and to the point. And he delivered what he said he would!

With Frank’s help, we found a “real” doctor who told me I had multiple fractures. In order to get authorization for surgery, I had to go through therapy, which I did. When the surgeon finally operated, he found “shatterings” and told me he wasn’t sure how I was even walking!

Mr. Petro kept in very good touch with me, making sure I was doing well. When I was finally released from post-surgery therapy, they wanted me to go back to work. Believe me, I wanted to be “fixed” so that I could return to work – I have a young daughter and need my job to take care of her and my wife!

After two months, they performed additional surgery as the screws they had put in previously were backing out and my body had rejected the cadaver they had initially put in. This second round of surgery entailed putting more rods into me.

Once again, they tried to send me back to work full time, but I was in so much pain, I couldn’t make it through a day without crying. In spite of my severe pain, the workers’ comp insurance company claimed I was lying and actually made me take a test to prove that I was telling the truth about the level of pain I was experiencing.

Every day my faith in God got me through as a Christian. They finally figured out that I was not trying to play the system – just in pain!

Frank – he was the backbone for my case. We were in a bad situation financially, with my wife working numerous jobs to make up for my lost income. I truly believe that Frank was the right guy for us – he genuinely cared about me and my family. He wasn’t making false promises, but everything he did promise happened. I have immense respect for him and greatly appreciate everything he did for us.

From a customer service stand point, the attorneys and staff at Petro Cohen were always quick to respond. Even if they didn’t have an answer, they got back to me to let me know that and told me when I could expect for them to have the answer. All of the staff members were good and were great with my six-year-old daughter when she came with us to one of the meetings.

Everyone was very, very professional. I remember my first meeting, which happened to be with another attorney, Steve Lubcher – I was a wreck, I broke down and cried. I was at such a low point, but after the meeting, my wife and I were able to see that there would be an end to what we were going through. Steve was great at putting us at ease.

If had to do it over, I would definitely use Petro Cohen law firm again.

I would stick my neck out for them any day and have already recommended the firm to others. If had to do it over, I would definitely use Petro Cohen law firm again.

Even after all the trouble I had with the workers’ comp people, I felt very at ease with the court experience. Frank has a very commanding presence – it was obvious in courtrooms and meetings, there was just a high level of respect for him. He’s a good man!

Frank told me that I could likely qualify for full disability, given the magnitude of my injuries – even the judge wanted me to go that way. But I wanted the opportunity to work or at least try – I’m accountable for the way that my daughter grows up and I need her to see me working hard to provide for the family.

I can’t say enough good about Frank Petro – he was an answer to our prayers and blessing from God. I look up to him, respect him, and greatly appreciate time that he took on my case and to care about my family.



Case Opened: April 2012
Case Resolved: August 2017

No amount of money is ever worth suffering a serious injury, but with the help of Steve Matarazzo and the financial settlement he was able to get me, I’m finally starting to get my life back together and able to enjoy my daughter and granddaughter.

I was injured at work when an overstuffed cabinet came unhinged from the wall and fell on me causing severe damage to my neck and shoulder, and aggravating previous injuries. I was referred to an attorney who, during my first meeting, asked me to pay out-of-pocket! What a joke!

In talking to a neighbor down the street, he had gone to Mr. Matarazzo with a similar situation – he told me I would love Steve and that he’s right on the money with great experience. He was right!

No amount of money is ever worth suffering a serious injury, but with the help of Steve Matarazzo and the financial settlement he was able to get me, I’m finally starting to get my life back together and able to enjoy my daughter and granddaughter.

When I met with Mr. Matarazzo the first time, I was very happy. He immediately set up evaluations with a specialist for my injuries and made the transition from my first attorney very easy. He did everything – got all the paperwork, no one ever bothered me after that. The staff that I communicated with at Petro Cohen were all very helpful – one of his attorneys, Suzanne Holz-Meola, even helped me get (Medicare) disability.

The outcome for my workers’ compensation case was permanent disability. I’m convinced Mr. Matarazzo was able to get that because of his experience and working with the people within the system for so many years.

I was very happy with the process – there was very little that I had to do, other than meet with Mr. Matarazzo a few times and show up in court. He did it all!

I was actually surprised when he came into court with piles of paperwork. I was never bothered with any of it! He certainly knows what he’s doing – he even got me a Total Disability Award with Second Injury Fund contribution. This means I will get payments for the rest of my life!

In addition, Steve worked diligently to push through the case so that I would not have to wait a year for my money. I felt like he was really working on my behalf and am very grateful that he did this for me.

During the process, I already started telling people about Steve and will definitely give other referrals. The work that he did was phenomenal, plus, he got me a Total Disability Award! He did his job – you can’t get any better than Steve and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo!


Case Opened: July 2016
Case Resolved: July 2017

When my daughter investigated the possibility for an attorney that could help us with my slip and fall accident, she found Barry Cohen at Petro Cohen law firm and was impressed. We liked Barry immediately – he was very attentive and professional laying out the groundwork of how our case would work.

I was very happy with Barry Cohen and how Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo handled my case!

It all started when my daughter was trying to do something nice for me by getting me a haircut with her regular stylist near her home. Getting up from the hair dresser’s chair, I fell flat on my face, which I later found out was from tripping over haphazardly laid electrical cords. I was rushed to a nearby hospital where I learned I had a spiral fracture in my right humerus.

The doctors immobilized the bone so it would be stable, but advised me I would need surgery. Due to past medical conditions, I needed to get medical clearance from my doctor back home, which took a while due to some health complications. A few weeks later, I was finally cleared for surgery, which required me to be hospitalized for six days, then in a rehabilitation facility for nearly three weeks. When I was eventually able to go home, I continued to have physical and occupational therapy – it was a long healing process, which continued for another nine months!

A few months into my recuperation, the accident kept nagging at me. My daughter, who continued going to her same hair stylist, was back in the salon several times and was able to take pictures of the hair dryer cord that caused my accident. She also found marketing photos from the salon where the same hair dryer cord that caused my accident was visible. It was so frustrating to me that that I walked into beauty shop for a nice outing with my daughter and fell so easily because of those same cords being on the floor. I really felt like the shop needed to do something about the problem and should be taught a lesson.

I was never one to consider a lawsuit – mine was actually a case of ensuring that the business owners took responsibility for their carelessness so that another accident like mine would not happen.

Based on my daughter’s research, we met with Barry Cohen in the firm’s Cape May office, which was very convenient for me as it was close to my home. Both he and Christina, his assistant, were helpful and nice to work with. They gathered all of our correspondence with Medicare and started tackling the case.

As part of their preparations, Barry took depositions from the salon owner and the stylist.  Although my daughter continued loyally going to her hair stylist, the salon owner eventually told my daughter they would no longer welcome her business. To me, that was an admission of guilt, not remorse!

Fortunately, we had Barry and his team on our side. They proved the shop owner was at fault and helped us reach a settlement relatively quickly.

In addition to being happy with the end result, it was a very pleasant experience working through the entire process with Petro Cohen. Chris was great – she kept me posted on what I had to do and our progress. I continued to get updates from conversations with Barry and could just tell he was a good guy as he repeatedly worked to accommodate me and make my life easier throughout the process, even coming to me with the settlement check!

I was very happy with Barry Cohen and how Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo handled my case!



Case Opened: November 2016
Case Resolved: May 2017

When I was injured in a very serious truck accident, my wife called a friend who is an attorney and asked if she could recommend someone. Without hesitation, our friend told my wife that we needed Barry Cohen.

I was in my truck last November when another truck crossed the center line and hit into me. Apparently, I had swerved to try to avoid the accident, but the other vehicle still hit mine. I actually don’t recall the accident at all, which I’m told is probably a good thing.

I have already recommended Barry Cohen to a friend and would absolutely recommend him to others. This is the guy you want!

I was pretty banged up – a broken ankle, a broken femur, as well as my left arm took the brunt of the accident. Not only did I have one working extremity, I was told I wasn’t allowed to stand for 12 weeks. I spent a month in the hospital and then rehab, and had to learn to walk again when I was finally allowed to bear weight on my legs.

The day after my wife contacted Barry, he was at the hospital. From the beginning, he was very reassuring. It was comforting to hear him tell us that if bills become an issue or if anyone bothered us for payment, to contact him. We just felt like we were in good hands.

After the State Police investigated the accident, they found the other driver to be completely at fault. We were impressed that Barry was so quick to settle the case and for the maximum amount.

Our experience with Barry and his assistant, Chris, was great. There were very pleasant to work with…I can’t say enough good things! They impressed us…especially how quickly he settled everything and to the maximum effect! We were able to avoid court altogether.

I have already recommended Barry Cohen to a friend and would absolutely recommend him to others. This is the guy you want!


Case Opened: October 2012
Case Resolved: May 2017

I had a serious injury at work and Mr. Petro did an outstanding job helping me!

While working on the night shift at a casino, one of my responsibilities was to prep kitchens for the morning shift. Another employee, who was trying to fix a clogged dishwashing machine and was improperly using the grease trap for a drain, had pried off the grate to the grease pit. As I was prepping to light the stoves and turning on the exhaust fans, I didn’t see that the grate had been removed and fell into the grease trap. The fall was only about six feet, but the metal bars that I bounced off of did severe damage.

The fall took nearly all the skin off of my back. I ended up needing two back and two neck surgeries, which resulted in 30 screws, four plates, and two rods. Plus, I still need an operation on my elbow, which I initially thought I had broken. As bad as it was, I was lucky – had I rolled to the opposite side, I would have ended up in 20 feet of grease.

I initially called on a good friend who owns a law firm, thinking he would help me with my case. It was a big mistake! Instead of handling my case, he referred me to another attorney at his office who never got back to me. The only time I ever heard from him was when I finally told him I was done with him!

“They call Frank Petro the ‘pit bull’…I call him the ‘great white shark’! When he sees something, he goes right after it. He tore up the defendants in court!”

Word of mouth at work was that Frank Petro was the best so I went to him. It ended up being true – he did so good by me…I couldn’t be happier. The entire office makes you feel at home – you just don’t get that anywhere else.

They call Frank Petro the “pit bull”…I call him the “great white shark”! When he sees something, he goes right after it. He tore up the defendants in court!

It took almost six years, but he did a fabulous job. My employer tried to say everything was “pre-existing.” That’s when Mr. Petro did what he does best – and tore them up!

The workers’ compensation doctor came to court and tried to lie about the case. I have scars from the top of my neck halfway down my back – the doctor said he never saw them. Frank went to bat and ended up getting me an award of permanent total disability as well as a significant permanent partial disability award.

With Frank’s help, the end result was outstanding. I have already recommended two people from work and my wife – I’ll be sending others as well! I can’t say enough about him – he did that great of a job for me. I’ll gladly send Frank and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo all the business I can.


Case Opened: March 2015
Case Resolved: May 2017

Frank Petro is the “James Brown” of compensation litigation – the hardest working man in show business! As someone who was good at what I did in my line of work, you just know when you are dealing with someone who is hard working, knows what they are doing, and is well prepared. That’s Frank Petro.

I was a general foreman of a construction company and had three rather serious workplace accidents within about a year’s time that left me unable to work. The first accident involved a large piece of scaffolding that I tried to grab so that others wouldn’t be injured as it was about to flip over. I ended up tearing my shoulder and ripping off my bicep. I had surgery to repair my shoulder, but the doctors were unable to fix my bicep and put me on a pain management program.

“I am absolutely ecstatic about how Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo handled everything – from the SSD case to my workers’ comp cases.”

I went back to work a while later and was lifting an 80 lb. concrete form from my truck when I fractured vertebrae in my back and tore muscles. When I went to the emergency room, there was a large shadow that showed up in the x-rays. At first, they thought it was a tumor. Turns out my muscles had ripped away and bled into my back. When I went to a specialist, he told me that the fracture would heal, but the only way to repair the muscles was a rather complex back surgery, which I opted not to have.

I went back to work and was still hobbling around on the worksite when I grabbed another heavy object that my partner was passing to me and ripped my shoulder open again. Up until that point, there were only a few muscles left in the shoulder – this third accident left it totally ruined.

I wanted to work and in theory, a general foreman should be able to do “light duty” work supervising others. In realty, there were not enough workers to get the job done so there was no “light duty” for me. Although I tried to go back to work, I couldn’t even stand for 10 minutes.

All I could do was lie in bed…disabled. That’s when I knew I needed help and started asking around about a lawyer. A lot of people were telling me that Frank Petro was the best, so that’s who I called.

Frank explained the process to me and told me how long it would take to pursue my claims. He also hooked me up with Suzanne Meola to handle my Social Security Disability claim. I was impressed as she handled everything for the SSD claim and got me approved with the first claim submission.

I could tell Frank was good, so I didn’t bother him – I just let him do his thing and he would call me if he needed information or had updates. Just as he predicted, our court date came as expected. Let me tell you – it was pretty impressive watching him and even more so when the judge told me that I had the hardest working attorney in workers’ compensation! Frank is a crackerjack!

I watched in court as other attorneys weren’t prepared for their cases. In comparison, I saw Frank running around – he was so smooth and so well-prepared; it was a pleasure just to watch someone who is so good at what they do. Very impressive.

I am absolutely ecstatic about how Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo handled everything – from the SSD case to my workers’ comp cases. After having a wonderful home, a great job and a company expense account – I had lost everything and was forced to file for bankruptcy. Petro Cohen saved my life! I would definitely refer Frank Petro, Suzanne Meola, and the firm to anyone.


Case Opened: November 2011
Case Resolved: April 2017

A few years back, my brother was seriously injured at work and contacted Petro Cohen law firm. He went to see Frank Petro and really liked his energy. Mr. Petro gave my brother a lot of confidence at a time when he wasn’t feeling very confident.

With Mr. Petro’s help, my brother started receiving workers’ compensation payments, but occasionally the checks would stop coming. He would reach out to Petro Cohen and Frank would do his part to make sure the checks started coming again.

In the meantime, the doctor suggested that back surgery would help, so my brother underwent surgery. The surgery did not work out as anticipated and reduced my brother’s mobility because of the pain. He went back to the doctor, who said they would have to operate again. Before he had the chance to have the second surgery, my brother had a massive and fatal heart attack.

As his sister, I was the closest relative – he was actually living with me so his workers’ compensation checks continued to come to my address even after he had passed away.

I went to the firm and met with Frank Petro and Suzanne Meola, and I can’t say enough about their treatment! At first, I simply asked their help with the erroneous checks we continued to receive, which they quickly handled. They said that that they could continue the case for my brother and worked to make sure that I would be covered for the funeral expenses that my other brother and I had incurred.

“This wasn’t a huge case for the firm, but I’m proof that you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar case to be treated as important and given support.”

They advised me every step of the way – even helped me in dealing with my brother’s affairs when I was being hassled because I was only a “sister,”, not a wife or child, and made suggestions on how to deal with the surrogate office. I was extremely happy with everything they did – and how compassionate they were – to Kevin, especially, and then to me.

During this very difficult time when I was grieving and totally frustrated, Suzanne was very comforting and calming, and worked hard to get me on the right path. She kept on top of everything and helped me to keep going.

My brother loved Mr. Petro. Any time he was frustrated with his case, he would call Frank Petro, who would always call him back.

I know my brother would be so happy that we were able to get closure on the case. This wasn’t a huge case for the firm, but I’m proof that you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar case to be treated as important and given support. I would highly recommend Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo to anyone.


Case Opened: January 2013
Case Resolved: April 2017

Having worked for a property and casualty insurance company for 29 years, I knew a lot of adjusters in the industry and had many friends that were attorneys on both sides of litigation. They all highly recommended Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo law firm – especially Frank Petro.

My first experience with the firm was when my wife had a Social Security claim, and then later when I was rear-ended in an automobile accident. My experience for both cases was excellent, so when I got hurt at work a few years back, I didn’t hesitate in reaching out to Frank Petro again.

“They all highly recommended Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo law firm – especially Frank Petro”

I had been preparing my van for an industry “ride along” with my boss the next day when I felt my back go out. I was in so much pain the next day that my boss had to do my job for me – I could barely move!

Although my company asked about my back injury a few times after I initially reported it, the next thing I knew, I was laid off. While the company claimed that it was laying off 15% of the employees, I was one of their very best workers and, in fact, was number one in the state.

I knew from past experience that I could expect excellence with Frank Petro and his firm, and that’s exactly what I received throughout the entire process of my workers’ comp claim. He really came through for me this time and did a tremendous job.

I had seen various doctors and learned that I had four herniated disks in a row. I tried minor physical therapy and even tried a chiropractor when the pain was excruciating, which only brought me temporary relief. The workers’ comp doctor told me on several occasions that the only possible option was surgery that had only a 50% chance of success – plus, there was a chance that my back could be worse after surgery. When my wife pushed the doctor, asking him what he would do if he were the injured party, he said he would probably deal with the pain for as long as possible and only consider surgery if he couldn’t get out of bed. That’s when I decided to hold off on surgery for as long as I could.

“I was extremely satisfied with the result.”

Throughout the process of my claim, the office staff was always very quick to return phone calls, and very courteous and helpful. If I had a question and they didn’t have the answer, they would research it and respond within 24 hours with a good, informative answer

I was extremely satisfied with the result. With Frank’s help, I was awarded total permanent disability –what I had hoped I could get. He was fantastic – extremely knowledgeable…I would absolutely recommend him and the firm to anyone.


Case Opened: February 2014
Case Resolved: March 2017

Since I was 21 years old, I worked as a carpenter. When injuries at work prevented me from working in the trade, I was in pain and frustrated, blowing through what little savings I had in just few years. Frank Petro saved my life!

I first met Frank when I hurt my back delivering wood at work. An on-site physician identified an umbilical hernia protruding from my belly and told me that surgery would be necessary. After the surgery, I still wasn’t getting better and thought I was suffering from a sprained back.

My shop steward and business agent recommended that I speak with Mr. Petro and told me he was the best. Boy, were they right!

My back wasn’t getting better and none of the treatments that the doctor recommended seemed to help. An MRI showed that two discs were completely shredded. I was in constant pain and it kept getting worse. I finally took the doctor’s advice and had surgery, thinking it would help. When I was finally able to go back to work, my records indicated that I was 45% disabled. My supervisor said I could try working for a month to see how I felt, but there were no options for “light duty” in my line of work.

I was determined to continue working – this was my lifelong trade! In spite of increasing pain levels, I persevered for five years, using vacation and sick days on those days when I just couldn’t move. The work continued to take a toll on my body as I was in pain 24/7 – the only relief I got was when I was asleep. I got to the point where I had to go on State disability for six months – hoping if I rested and was diligent with physical rehabilitation, it might help.

I was back at work in 2013 when I slipped on some chalk while walking down a hallway. Although I fell hard, at first, I thought I was ok. But after a little while, the pain was off the charts.

Once again, I called on Frank Petro to assist me as I was forced to file for permanent disability. With the insurance company dragging their feet for three years, I was simply trying to survive on the limited savings that I had. Fortunately, with Frank’s help, it all worked out.

From my very first meeting with Frank, you could tell he was a down to earth guy. It was a bit intimidating walking into the law firm offices and seeing all the awards on the walls. But it also gave me a good feeling that I was in the “big leagues” with someone who was very capable.

“I can tell you this – you are in good hands with Frank Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo.”

Everyone in the office – from the legal aids and administration personnel, to the associate attorneys – were great. Frank is very busy with a lot of cases, but he makes you feel very comfortable around him and is very confident. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the office for answers. They took care of everything and scheduled any necessary appointments. It was obvious when I received correspondence from them that they have been hard at work on my behalf.

I can tell you this – you are in good hands with Frank Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo. I wish I could give back to them for all that they have given to me!


Case Opened: June 2014
Case Resolved: April 2017

I hurt myself unloading a truck at work while pulling a handcart loaded with 65-70 pounds over a curb.  At first, I thought I was just overworked as I had previous back issues and thought that perhaps I just irritated my lower back.  However, it was frightening that night when my fingertips went numb and I couldn’t move my neck.

The next day, I reported the injury at work and was sent to see a doctor who told me I was simply having muscle spasms in my neck. After a few therapy sessions, the doctor told me I could go back to work and I learned that my workers’ comp claim was denied.

My body was telling me that something was not right, so I went to my own doctor for a second opinion.  After an MRI and x-rays, she told me I could NOT go back.  I was at my wit’s end – in pain, medical expenses mounting, and unable to go back to the job that I had done for nearly 30 years. That’s when I knew it was time to seek legal help.

“Steve did wonders! I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case…”

I was referred to Steve Matarazzo at Petro Cohen by an attorney I had used in the past. Just one phone call with Steve and I was impressed…that’s how good he is!  I could tell that Steve had a tremendous knowledge about workers’ comp and was the right person to handle my case.

When Steve heard all the details of my case, he told me he would take care of it and, by God, he took care of it!  It was a long process, during which I had to go out on medical leave and, eventually, go on Social Security Disability.  I lost a lot – I could barely do anything and there was a tremendous amount of stress in my life.  Every step of the way, Steve was continually reassuring me and I felt confident in his skills.

Steve did wonders! I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case and, without question, would recommend Steve Matarazzo and Petro Cohen law firm.


WC Case Opened: December 2013
WC Case Resolved: May 2016
PI Case Opened: November 2015
PI Case Resolved: January 2017

If it wasn’t for Petro Cohen law firm, I would have been lost when I got injured at work! A few years back, I was seriously injured on a construction worksite when an excavator hit me in the back. I ended up being out of work for a year and a half. I went to the hospital after the accident and reported the injury at work, but my claim was never submitted.

“If it wasn’t for Petro Cohen law firm, I would have been lost when I got injured at work!”

Fortunately, I was talking to a friend about the incident and he referred me to Petro Cohen. He had used the law firm for a workers’ compensation claim and was quite pleased with the outcome of his case.

Working with attorneys Frank Petro and Terri Hiles, they went to bat for me and, first, ensured my claim was properly submitted. Throughout the process, everything went very smooth and I was very satisfied with the outcome.

I didn’t realize that I might also have a third-party lawsuit because the excavator was being operated by someone from a different company. Fortunately, Ms. Hiles recognized this and referred me to Susan Petro to investigate a third-party claim, which was immediately filed on my behalf. Susan was wonderful – guiding me through the process step-by-step. On a scale of one to 10, there is no question that Susan is a 10! With her help, I was very happy with the settlement on this claim as well.

After having gone through this process, it’s no surprise why my friend initially recommended Petro Cohen. You can be sure I will be recommending Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo law firm to others!


Case Opened: September 2009
Case Resolved:
December 2016

I have the utmost respect for Frank Petro.  He is a miracle worker and a great attorney with a big heart!

When my workers’ compensation case started in 2009, I knew I had a long road ahead and, quite honestly, I was ready to give up several times along the way. But it was Frank who convinced me that I shouldn’t quit.  He just never gave up on me!

“I would strongly advise anyone that has a workers’ compensation case to seek the help of Mr. Petro and his firm…”

For 25 years, I had a job that entailed dealing with mentally challenged individuals who, at times, could be very volatile. My first work-related injury occurred as a result of an altercation with an autistic gentleman in 2009, leaving me with a torn meniscus.  Although I had it repaired, things seemed to go down hill after that as I then experienced a wear and tear injury resulting from repetitive trips up and down three flights of stairs.

My work injuries became so bad that I was forced to walk with a cane for my last few weeks at my job. Although I had hoped to work for a few more years, my injuries eventually forced me to leave my position.  Since leaving, I’ve had two knee replacements, one wrist operation, and am about to undergo surgery on my other wrist.

I would strongly advise anyone that has a workers’ compensation case to seek the help of Mr. Petro and his firm, particularly if yours is a complicated case as mine was. You need someone who knows the workers’ compensation system!  Everyone at Petro Cohen was great to work with from the attorneys to the receptionist. Pure class!

Without their help, I’m quite certain I would never have received the benefits and compensation I did, including total disability and a lump sum payment.  Frank fought for and won the maximum compensation I could receive!

The best part was that Frank was probably happier for me than I was! You could tell he puts his entire heart and soul into his cases, and was genuinely concerned for my welfare. As far as I’m concerned, he is a genius and he will always have a piece of my heart! He is one of a kind – I felt a true connection with him and would recommend him to anyone. I already have referred people and will continue to refer people to Frank Petro and Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo.


WC Case Opened: December 2013
WC Case Resolved: June 2016

PI Case Opened: December 2013
PI Case Resolved: June 2015

Unfortunately, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2013. I contacted Susan from Petro Cohen law firm, who quickly helped to resolve the issues associated with my accident.

From the beginning, Susan Petro and Frank Petro were top-notch. I could not have been more satisfied with my decision to contact Susan. She was thorough and explained everything to me regarding personal injury along with motor vehicle coverage. Susan had a copy of my policy, but effortlessly restated the laws to me as if they were her “first language.” Right from the start, Susan’s quick wit and knowledge left me confident that my situation would be handled in the most positive way and that she was my advocate. She made sure I was receiving my work benefits, as well as assured me that she would be getting me the most for the reward/settlement.

“Right from the start, Susan’s quick wit and knowledge left me confident that my situation would be handled in the most positive way and that she was my advocate.”

My accident involved a rear collision while driving to an offsite location for work-related purposes. Initially, I received a jolt from the impact, but did not notice any substantial pain. Over the next few days, my pain became increasingly bad and eventually excruciating. I was unable to work. After several series of x-rays and no relief in pain, I called Susan Petro. I’ve known Susan for years and realized that I needed her advice. She immediately insisted that I come into the office. At this point, I had an appointment with a neurosurgeon secured. Susan immediately determined that my case was not only personal injury, but also workers’ compensation. Within minutes, she consulted her partner to reaffirm that I needed assistance with the companies associated.

Promptly, I began physical therapy along with epidural injections from a pain management specialist. However, my pain and physical limitations continued to worsen and I remained unable to work. My work involves helping special needs students, which is physically demanding.

After these procedures failed, I had my first surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. I still suffered from chronic pain in my back and legs putting a hindrance in my daily living and leisure activities. While still under the care of the same spinal doctor, he recommended a spinal fusion.  A year after the first surgery, I underwent my second surgery, a spinal fusion, and subsequent rehabilitation.

This was an extremely long and challenging process and I feel I made the best decision in seeking the guidance of Susan and Frank Petro. Their involvement from the beginning made the whole process run smoothly and gave me the peace of mind that a very well-known and reputable law firm was handling my case. Susan and Frank were always available by phone and email.  The entire staff at PCPM was always friendly and considerate of their clients.  They would answer questions or promptly return calls for help and guidance.

Susan Petro and Frank Petro explained the whole process as the case went on and guided me through it.  They both worked very hard to resolve the case in a timely and rewarding manner. It was evident they had my best care and interest in mind.  I was extremely satisfied with the settlement, which made up for lost wages, while out of work. I have since recommended Petro Cohen to a friend, whom Susan is representing. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm to others seeking personal injury or workers’ compensation representation. As I stated earlier, Petro Cohen is top-notch!


WC Cases Opened: September 2012 and January 2013
WC Cases Resolved: September 2015
PI Case Opened: February 2013
PI Case Resolved: February 2016

As an Emergency Room Nurse for 28 years, I appreciate people that know what they are doing and get the job done quickly.  And that’s what I got when I reached out to Petro Cohen after being given the run around through my workplace.

While at work, I injured my shoulder trying to pick up a patient.  Over the course of the next year, I had to have four surgeries, was unable to work, and still suffered.

Worse yet, I felt like my employer and the insurance carrier were giving me the run around with payments that were owed to me, sometimes delaying checks for weeks.

Being unable to work, my bills were piling up and we were forced to give up our home.  The only bright side was that my Realtor recommended I go to Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo for assistance as they had helped out a relative who felt they were fair and did a good job.

“After all I had gone through, it felt good to know I had someone in my corner, especially in the courtroom.”

Frank Petro explained the workers’ compensation process to me and really made me feel comfortable.  He told me that I was to contact him if at any point my checks were delayed in the future and he would call to ensure that I was paid promptly.  After all I had gone through, it felt good to know I had someone in my corner, especially in the courtroom.

After two surgeries, I had only been back to work a few hours when I slipped on a wet floor that did not have proper signage and hurt my shoulder and my knee.  Even though my supervisor saw that I was injured and had to help me get up, I felt like my employer was questioning my injury.  Fortunately, I was referred to Susan Petro, who handles personal injury cases.  She was very professional and clearly knew what she was doing.

Both Susan and Frank were honest and upfront with me.  They explained what I needed to know, answered my questions, and, along with the paralegals, were there for me to help with any issues throughout the process.  If I had a question, they would get right back to me with answers, which was really important to me.

It certainly has been a long and painful process, and, with my injuries, I’ve been forced to give up my nursing career earlier than I had intended.  But with the settlement I received, I can finally stop worrying about paying my bills.  I have already referred my husband, my son, and several friends at church to Petro Cohen.

Client Since: 2007
Most Recent Settlement: May 2016

LOST AT SEA. That’s what I compare my workers’ compensation experience to. My name is Daniel and I would like to share my story of just how helpful the Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo team was to me.

I was lost at sea for over 18 1/2 hours with just a life jacket on after our boat sank 30 miles offshore. During that time, I experienced total helplessness. Helplessness is the worst feeling in the world.

“As silly as it sounds, I consider Petro Cohen Matarazzo a life-saving group just like the United States Coast Guard.”

It wasn’t until I got hurt at work that I experienced that feeling again. I didn’t like the doctors that the insurance company sent me to or the treatment for my injury. My employer couldn’t help me and I felt the same helplessness feeling again. A friend of mine at work suggested I call Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo for help.

Not only did they get me proper health and medical treatment, they assured me that my job was safe. After things returned to normal, I received a settlement check that helped me get back to a normal lifestyle. As silly as it sounds, I consider Petro Cohen Matarazzo a life-saving group just like the United States Coast Guard.

Once again I thank them for their help.

WC Cases Opened: December 2012
WC Cases Resolved: December 2014
PI Case Opened: January 2015
PI Case Resolved: December 2015

After a series of injuries which ultimately cost me two jobs, I probably would be destitute had it not been for Frank Petro and the law firm of Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo.

While working as a nurse, I injured my back in 2011 when I was asked to transport a heavy television. Even though I initially told my supervisor I didn’t want to move it, she insisted and I was trying to be helpful in fulfilling her request. Boy, was that a painful lesson learned!

As I was attempting to get the TV into my trunk, I heard my back go out and ended up having three bulging disks. Even though my employer acted like it was not a big deal, I was in severe pain – so much so that I had to postpone leaving for a cruise until two days later. When I asked my employer about covering the costs of rebooking my flight, they refused. In spite of seeing doctors and getting treatment, to this day, I still have back issues.

To complicate things further, I started having issues with my wrist and was in such pain that I lost sensation in my hand. I needed surgery and, although the doctor had planned to simply release a nerve, the damage was much more extensive than originally thought. The doctor told me that the carpal tunnel syndrome injury was most likely work-related, particularly since I did a lot of writing for my employer at the time.

“I truly believe that if it hadn’t been for Frank Petro’s help in settling my workers’ compensation cases, I would have been destitute!”

In spite of the surgery, I was expected to come to work. My sister, who deals with a lot of attorneys in her line of work, encouraged me to see a lawyer regarding my issues and recommended Frank Petro. I really didn’t want to make a claim against my employer and was a bit apprehensive about seeing an attorney, but Frank could not have been nicer. He took the time to listen and immediately recognized that I had two workers’ compensation issues. In addition to my back accident at work, the carpal tunnel syndrome was a lesser-known type of worker’s comp injury known as “wear and tear”. I was 100% pleased with Frank Petro and everyone I worked with at the firm. They were very timely in working the case and kept me informed throughout the process.

Ironically, when I showed up for court with Frank, I had, yet, another injury, and it was Mr. Petro who suggested I speak with his wife, Susan Petro, who handles personal injury cases for the firm. In February of 2014, I fell on black ice in the parking lot of my apartment complex, breaking my ankle and experiencing the most excruciating pain of my life! After seeing several doctors, I ended up having surgery and now have three giant screws connecting both ankle joints, on top of other screws holding a plate in place.

Once again, I was hesitant to call an attorney as I didn’t want to sue the complex where I was residing. With the insistence of my sister and some girlfriends, I made an appointment and met with Susan, who was wonderful. She explained that there was a potential case, but we would have to prove negligence. With Susan’s help, we were eventually able to prove that an issue with the drainage system at the complex caused the black ice to form. We actually settled on the case much faster than I anticipated!

In the process of my two workers’ comp claims, followed by the accident with my ankle that left me in a wheelchair at the time, I was financially stressed. I truly believe that if it hadn’t been for Frank Petro’s help in settling my workers’ compensation cases, I would have been destitute! It was such a stressful time for me and my family – I had heard from friends and my sister that Petro Cohen law firm had the best lawyers and they were right! I would absolutely refer the firm and, although I’m hopeful I do not have future issues, I would definitely use both Frank and Susan Petro again.

Case Opened: November 2012
Case Resolved: June 2015

After having worked with Frank Petro on my workers’ compensation case, I can tell you that I would never use anybody else!

I had been having knee and foot problems for five to eight years as a result of my work as a cocktail server in a casino. My job entailed walking seven or eight miles a day up and down stairs, carrying a tray that could weigh upwards of 25 pounds. I finally had to have surgery on my feet and it wasn’t until after I had the procedure that the doctor made me realize I had a potential workers’ comp case. According to my surgeon, if I hadn’t worn heels so extensively during my 30-year career, I might not have had issues with my feet. He recommended that I wear flat shoes moving forward, which was frowned upon by my employer.

“…I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I would use Frank a million times over!”

After hearing my doctor’s advice, I spoke with some of my friends and coworkers who had experienced issues – all of them said I should speak with Frank Petro and that he would tell me if I had a case worth pursuing. When I first met with Frank, I immediately felt very comfortable – he was very down to earth and, although he was obviously a very knowledgeable lawyer, he was not intimidating – he put me at ease and made me feel like I could talk to him as I would a friend.

It was a challenging three years as the case was redirected to another court and another judge. Throughout the process, Frank was always very patient, informative, and positive. He made himself available to me – when I had questions, I could call him and knew I would hear back from him, not his assistant or someone else at the office. I trusted him explicitly and was confident he would do his very best for me.

Although I’ve had to change careers as a result of my medical issues, I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I would use Frank a million times over!

Accident Date: May 2013
Case Resolved: March 2015

On May 21, 2013, I was involved in a car accident, when another car “t-boned” my car on the driver’s side. The accident was deemed the other driver’s fault. Initially, I was not experiencing any pain, but later on that night, my neck started hurting. I sought relief from a chiropractor, who sent me immediately to Urgent Care before touching me.

Urgent Care performed an X-Ray, gave me a pain relief shot, prescribed pain medication, and stated that I had “whiplash”. I did return to the chiropractor for treatment and within a day or so, started experiencing pain (nerve pain) down both my arms, accompanied with tingling and numbness. The chiropractor continued treatment, and nothing seemed to help. The chiropractor decided to refer me to a neurologist, but I had to wait several weeks for an appointment.

Due to my constant pain, I decided to seek legal representation in the event I needed further treatment and was entitled to compensation. I met with Susan Petro and spoke to her at length on July 17, 2013. She agreed to represent me.

In the meantime, I attended my appointment with the neurologist in August, who prescribed an MRI, which was performed on August 13, 2013. The MRI revealed that I indeed had an injury that was more than just “whiplash”. I had cervical spine herniations at C-5/6 and C-6/7.

I was referred first to a Pain Management Specialist Physician and was first placed on pain medication. With no relief, I was then scheduled for epidural injections in hopes of relieving some of the nerve pain I was experiencing. I had four epidural injections, with no success. During this process, I was sent by my insurance company to various independent medical evaluations (IMEs) to see if they were thought to be necessary, before the insurance company would approve them. Susan Petro ensured that I was aware of every appointment, and also ensured that I provided her office a “survey” of the events that happened at the appointment. There were also many follow-up telephone calls as well.

“Throughout the entire time, Susan kept me abreast of everything that was happening from scheduling of the tests to the IMEs that were requested.”

After the failed attempts of the epidural injections, I then made an appointment with a Neurosurgeon for February 19, 2014. The surgeon prescribed many, many tests, with surgery being the last resort. Every test had to be approved by the insurance company, and Susan ensured that IMEs and approvals were made in a reasonable amount of time. Throughout the entire time, Susan kept me abreast of everything that was happening from scheduling of the tests to the IMEs that were requested. I also unsuccessfully attempted physical therapy, as was referred by my doctor, but instead of the pain lessening, it was getting worse; the therapist contacted my neurosurgeon and referred me back to see him.

In October 2014, Susan worked with the defendant’s insurance company and ensured I received the full amount of the defendant’s insurance.

Also, in October, after all the testing and PT, and failed attempts for pain relief, the neurosurgeon stated that after all exhausted attempts, the last resort was surgery. I tentatively scheduled the surgery for the beginning of December 2014, as I thought that would be enough time to get through the “red-tape”, and also it would work well with my work schedule and acquired sick leave I had on the books. Immediately, the insurance company denied the request for surgery, and sent my records to a random Orthopedic Surgeon in New York, who deemed the impending surgery as unnecessary.

Susan went right into action, challenging the surgeon as to his remarks and findings. It was very clear that this surgeon did not truly read all of the doctor notes and test results that were sent to him. Susan sent a very stern letter to the insurance company, questioning the denial. The insurance company then sent my records for another IME with the same neurosurgeon I had seen the year before. Susan ensured that this IME was scheduled ASAP, calling and mailing the request until it was scheduled. The urgency was to ensure a decision was made on the approval/denial of the surgery before the December 5, 2014 proposed surgery date. The IME was scheduled on November 18, 2014, plenty of time, and the IME surgeon agreed that surgery was necessary.

Susan was on top of the insurance company to make sure that a decision was made quickly due to my time off and work schedule. Susan did not give up until it was agreed that the insurance company would approve the surgery for the date of December 5, 2014. The surgery was approved a week before the December 5, 2014 date and I believe to this day, that if Susan was not on my case, I would still be waiting for approval of this surgery.

Every piece of correspondence that left her office on my behalf I was copied on and kept up-to-date at all times on the progress of my case.

Everything from that point forward with the surgery fell into place beautifully. The surgery was performed as scheduled on December 5, 2014 with great success. The nerve pain and numbness I had been experiencing down both arms was gone when I woke up in the recovery room. I spent one night in the hospital and was released the following afternoon. While I was in the hospital, Susan sent me a beautiful gift basket that really cheered me up. I recovered very quickly from the surgery, and was released from the neurosurgeon’s care in March 2015, with very few limitations.

Susan contacted me stating that she had been continuing to work with my insurance company, due to my policy having “underinsured” coverage, and on March 9, 2015, I received the maximum settlement that the coverage allows.

“I am very grateful to Susan for everything that she has done for me over the past two years. She has gone ‘above and beyond’ my expectations.”

I am very grateful to Susan for everything that she has done for me over the past two years. She has gone “above and beyond” my expectations. Susan is professional, caring, determined, intelligent, and the list goes on and on. The way my case was handled was of the utmost highest caliber. Like I stated earlier, if it wasn’t for Susan, I really believe that I would still be getting the “run-around” and waiting for surgery approval. I am now six-months out from surgery and I feel great. I have my life back! I have no pain and I have resumed my normal activities, including going back to the gym, which is something that I had missed for almost two years.

Accident Date: December 2009
Case Resolved: June 2015

I couldn’t thank the attorneys and staff at Petro Cohen enough in a million years!

In 2009, I was injured at work and had a lot of pain over the next few years. It took until 2012 to finally get treatment as I didn’t have benefits and needed to find someone to properly treat my injuries.

Fortunately, a friend recommended that I talk with Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo to assist with my workers’ compensation case. From the minute I met with them, I felt at home – it was clear that they were not just about getting money; they were genuinely concerned with my welfare.

In May of 2012, I finally had surgery on my elbow and shoulder. I remember meeting Frank Petro in court almost a year later when my case came before a judge – I was very nervous as I had never been through anything like this, but Frank put me at ease. He was very calming, telling me to “go with the flow” – he made it easy.

We settled in 2013, and my first workers’ comp check arrived shortly after. With the advice of Frank, we kept the case open, so that I could go back should the injury reoccur or worsen. Boy was that good advice!

In December 2014, I was reaching for my medications and felt my shoulder rip again. I went to see my family doctor, who recommended I see an orthopedic specialist. I also called the law firm to get their recommendations and dealt with Steve Lubcher – what a great guy – very caring and compassionate.

The first doctor I saw deemed the new shoulder injury was not related to my previous workers’ comp case. I was very frustrated, but Steve talked with me like a friend – “let’s regroup and see what we can do”. I went to see a second doctor and was very frustrated when he said the same thing. I was ready to give up, but Steve was tireless and continued in his fight to prove that the new shoulder injury was related to my initial workplace incident.

Late last month, a judge heard my case. Frank and Steve warned me that the decision could go either way. As I told them repeatedly, it was never about the “money” – I just wanted to get my arm fixed so I could get back to the things I love – like spending time with my granddaughter and riding my motorcycle.

“The settlement I received was amazing – it took a tremendous burden off of me financially.”

The settlement I received was amazing – it took a tremendous burden off of me financially. I now have the medical benefits I need and will be getting the second surgery that I need later this month. I was also able to pay off a lot of debt and tuck away a little money for my family.

Frank, Steve, Cece – they are the best – really nice people – the entire firm is a class act. It was obvious that they genuinely cared about me – as frustrated as I was, they continually kept me informed, encouraged me to be patient, and I truly felt like they cared about the pain I was experiencing.

With the injuries I sustained, it was long and painful process. As unbearable as it was, knowing that I had Petro Cohen on my side helped me get through everything and the end result (settlement) was more than I ever dreamed. I tell people all the time about them and will continue to do so!

Accident Date: June 2012
Case Resolved: December 2014

Petro Cohen was a godsend when it comes to my workers’ comp and personal injury cases!

In 2012, I was hurt on the job when a vehicle ran a red light and T-boned me. It was a devastating accident that left me in severe pain and unable to work. Fortunately, a friend had recommended that I contact Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo.

Steve Matarazzo did a fantastic job handling my workers’ compensation case. A few years earlier, I had filed a workers’ comp case when I had hurt my back on the job. Because my new injury also involved my back, Steve pointed out right away that the two cases could be tied together, something I probably would not have known otherwise.

Because the injury was a result of a vehicular accident, Steve referred me to Susan Petro who handles personal injury and did an exceptional job in helping me as well.

The recovery process was a long one, leaving me on disability for over two years. The orthopedic doctors that I worked with had me try a variety of treatments ranging from physical therapy to various stimulations and injections, yet nothing seemed to work as I continued to have pain down my legs and still could not work. As a last resort, I had to undergo back/fusion surgery, as there was no other way to deal with my issues. While I am grateful that the surgery did eventually help, it took another six months for me to fully recuperate and be able to go back to work.

“During this long process, I truly felt like Susan and Stephen had my best interest in mind, as well as my family’s best interest.”

During this long process, I truly felt like Susan and Stephen had my best interest in mind, as well as my family’s best interest. As a father of four children, it was very difficult to be out of work with no income and medical bills mounting. It was clear that they understood this and were sincere in wanting the best for us.

Every step of the way, they guided me and my wife through what we needed to do and made sure I was always informed and kept abreast of what was going on with the cases. Everyone in their offices was helpful, from the receptionist and secretaries, to Steve and Susan, who went above and beyond what they had to do in order to help me.

Susan repeatedly made us feel comfortable by assuring me that she would get what was owed to me…and she did! Because the vehicle that hit me was underinsured, Susan also went after my own insurance company to get them to pay the difference for the hospital and medical bills.

I can’t say enough about this firm, and, in particular, Susan and Stephen. It’s a great firm – I’ve been around – I know a lot of different lawyers and doctors – but these people are top notch. I have already highly recommended them to a couple of other people and will continue to do so. My wife and I are extremely grateful for all they did for us.


My story is a long and painful one, which, thanks to Frank Petro and the law firm of Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo, has a happier ending that I ever could have dreamed!

As a long time Security Supervisor at an Atlantic City casino, I was beginning to have problems walking. Initially, I thought it was just a heel spur, but I learned that it was plantar fasciitis. I went to various doctors who tried everything from cortisone shots to clinical therapy, but nothing seemed to work. Although I didn’t want to have surgery, it came to a point where there seemed to be no other options.

After surgery, I was in a cast and couldn’t move my leg or foot. Due to complications from the surgery, I suffered a pulmonary embolism, which was one of the most painful and frightening experiences in my life. Doctors told me I was lucky to be alive, but the after effects left me in a state I had never experienced. I now had to take blood thinners, was still on painkillers for my foot and, in spite of the surgery, still had troubles walking.

My vascular doctor was telling me it was important to walk, yet I could barely walk 50 feet without feeling as if I just ran 20 miles! Although I tried to go back to my job, I certainly could not take pain medications since my job as security supervisor required that I be alert, and my struggles in walking any great distance would not cut it in my line of work where I sometimes had to walk five or more miles in a day.

Fortunately, a friend who had a similar situation referred me to Frank Petro. We clicked almost immediately when we learned that his daughter and my niece went to school together. In addition to him being very personable, I had a sense from the very beginning that he was on top of everything – he clearly knew what he was doing and he was the type that crosses his t’s and dots his i’s.

Frank knew right away that this was a workers’ compensation case of wear and tear, due to my repetitive walking at work. Frank forewarned me that it would be a challenging case to prove and explained what had to be done. At that point, my attitude was, “If he could help me – great!” I had already lost so much; I didn’t have anything to lose by pursuing this case.

I continued to work for a while until I just could not work any longer. I eventually had to go on disability, and the financial struggle was very painful for my family. I was lucky to have family members who were supportive during my difficult times.

Little did I know that it would take more than eight years for a judge to render a decision. Fortunately, I felt very comfortable throughout the process with Frank and the firm. If I had any questions, I knew I could call and get answers. The entire staff at Petro Cohen was very professional and very responsive. I also watched as Frank worked and worked and worked, tirelessly on my behalf, with no guarantee that the case would come out in my favor.

When I heard the judge’s decision in my favor, I left the courthouse, sat down, and cried. After years of chronic severe pain and frustrations with not being able to work, there was finally a light at the end of a long tunnel.

“I am so grateful to Frank Petro and his law firm that it is hard to express in words.”

I am so grateful to Frank Petro and his law firm that it is hard to express in words. I would highly recommend him and couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to be on my side, fighting for what he knew was right.


I am one of those people that had never even been in a lawyer’s office my entire life, but when I got hurt at work, I found myself in need of legal assistance and, boy, am I grateful that I found the Petro Cohen law firm!

Four years ago, I was injured on the premises of my workplace and hurt both of my knees. I had surgery on one of my knees prior to this incident, so my first thought was that I hoped the fall didn’t irritate my “bad” knee. Unfortunately, both knees were in severe pain after the accident.

“…when I got hurt at work, I found myself in need of legal assistance and, boy, am I grateful that I found the Petro Cohen law firm!”

I followed procedures at work and went to see the company approved doctor. For four consecutive weeks, I went back to the authorized doctor who did very little, other than give me some pain medication. I was in extreme pain and both knees were swelling, so their doctor finally agreed that I could go to my own specialist.

From my previous knee surgery, I had an orthopedic doctor that I trusted. He recommended arthroscopic surgery for my one of my knees, so I had the surgery, which kept me out of work for two months. During that time, I had expressed to my doctor that I was concerned with losing so much time at work. As a longtime waitress, I hoped my employer would be understanding of my situation, but I really didn’t comprehend how “workers’ compensation” worked.

I finally sought guidance by meeting with Frank Petro, who immediately put my mind at ease by taking the time to explain to me that I was entitled, by law, to workers’ compensation. He further explained step-by-step how the process would work and what I could expect. He was right on target! Due to the nature of my accident, Frank also suggested that I talk to his wife, Susan Petro, who handles personal injury cases, as he thought there might be a “third party” case.

Having never used an attorney before, I was quite hesitant to get another attorney involved. It was actually my employer’s insurance company rep who prompted me to call Susan, when he told me another person had the same type of accident just two days prior to mine due to faulty equipment at my workplace.

I was extremely impressed with Susan Petro. Like her husband, she was very professional and made me feel comfortable, working through every detail and keeping me informed along the way. Due to the circumstances of my accident, she explained from the beginning that it would be a tough case to win. The fact that we got a settlement is a testimony to her hard work and persistence on my behalf!

Throughout the process, if I had a question, I knew I could call the office and would hear back from someone promptly. Everyone in the office was so nice and so professional – it’s clear that, even though they handle cases like mine all the time, they understood that this was my first time dealing with these legal issues, so they took the time to explain things, respond to my questions, and make me feel at ease. It was such a positive experience!

I am so grateful for the work that Frank Petro and Susan Petro did on my behalf. I would whole-heartedly recommend these two exceptional attorneys and this great law firm to others!


As a professional bus driver, my worst nightmare came true a few years ago when I was involved in a five-vehicle collision, with the driver at fault being an uninsured motorist. I sustained numerous injuries in the accident, including ones to my back, foot, and neck, which caused me to be out of work for five months. Fortunately, a coworker had recommended that I contact Petro Cohen law firm.

From my first meeting with Petro Cohen, I felt very connected and knew I was in good hands. Due to the nature of the accident, I dealt with both Frank Petro, for the workers’ compensation portion, and Susan Petro, for the third party claim against the driver at fault. Both Frank and Susan were straight to the point, taking time to explain everything to me in detail. I immediately felt assured that I would get the proper compensation – and I was right!

Both Frank and Susan were very dedicated over the course of the next three years, which is how long it took to settle my claim. Surprisingly, I was not stressed at all about the long process – I knew I was in the best possible hands!

“I would gladly recommend Frank Petro, Susan Petro, and Petro Cohen law firm to anyone!”

It was well worth the wait as the final settlement award exceeded my expectations and allowed me to make a nice investment for my family. I would gladly recommend Frank Petro, Susan Petro, and Petro Cohen law firm to anyone!


I had only been on my job a few days when I was involved in an awful collision.  I was familiar with Petro Cohen law firm through my mom, who had been hurt at work and turned to Frank Petro for help with her workers’ compensation case.

I wasn’t sure I needed an attorney or whether I had a case.  But based on my mom’s great experience, I knew I could trust Frank and his team to offer honest advice and guidance.

After speaking with Frank and his wife, Susan Petro, it was clear that I did need an attorney to navigate the road ahead, which included a civil lawsuit and then a workers’ compensation case.  I felt like I had the best of both worlds with this team of exceptional lawyers.  Frank has a straightforward style – he explained from the very beginning what I was up against and made sure I understood that this would not be a simple case.  Susan was nurturing, compassionate, and so “hands on” that I was amazed.

The paperwork for this case was unbelievable and my medical bills exceeded $250,000 in the first six months alone!  Susan was there every step of the way to help me out and guide me – whether it was talking with a doctor or following up with creditors.  She insisted I keep a detailed journal to record pain levels, treatments, phone calls, etc., which came in handy during the civil suit arbitration.  Since I was unable to write or type due to injuries sustained in the accident, Susan even offered to let me dictate the journal entries and have the firm’s staff transcribe them!  Everything about Susan’s approach to my case was “above and beyond” what I could have ever imagined.

“I was extremely impressed with everything Susan and Frank did for me.”

I was extremely impressed with everything Susan and Frank did for me.  So of course, when I had a second car accident several years later, there was never any doubt that I would turn to Petro Cohen law firm again for help.  I was involved in a head on collision and the news stations at the scene of the accident reported there was a fatality and mistakenly reported it was me. By the grace of God, I survived.

Susan frantically reached out to my husband when she heard the news – not because she was looking for another case, but simply because she was concerned about my well-being.  She assured my husband that she would take care of whatever we needed…and she did.  In those first few months, Susan actually came to my home to meet with me rather than have me attempt to go into their offices.

Because I was in a previous accident, the insurance lawyers tried to blame my injuries on the first case.  Susan fought hard, articulated a very strong case on my behalf, and guided me through the entire process.  She was a rock!  Needless to say, we won!!!

The healing process for both accidents; were very long and painful, but made easier by Susan’s caring and guidance.  Even when I was unsure of the prognoses, Susan was there every step of the way encouraging me and motivating me.  To this day, I credit her for helping me get out of my “funk” and start living life again. I would not wish these two accidents on anyone, but having the professional and powerful team of Frank and Susan Petro was life changing, in my case.  I whole-heartedly would recommend them to anyone facing a workers’ compensation or personal injury case.


As a career electrician, my job required repetitive, tedious work using my hands, which resulted in numerous injuries. When I first developed carpal tunnel in my hand, I met with Frank Petro to see if I possibly had a case. From the very first interview with him, I had a great deal of confidence in him. He immediately made me feel comfortable and treated me with a great deal of respect. It was obvious that he was quite knowledgeable in workers’ compensation and he took the time to explain the system to me.

Like many other people, I was apprehensive about filing a workers’ compensation claim for fear that there might be negative repercussions at work. But Frank explained how the State workers’ compensation system actually worked and that I was very much entitled to the coverage the system provided.

Unfortunately, I had repeated injuries over the years, ranging from repeat carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and trigger finger to a hernia, which were all the result of the work I did. No matter what the size of the claim was, Frank always treated me with the same professional care and concern as if it were a huge claim. He was with me every step of the way and even helped me find the right medical specialists and treatment that I needed. In one case, Frank’s medical referral helped me find the root of my carpal tunnel issues, which was a pinched nerve. I shudder to think that I may not even have use of my hands had it not been for the finding and subsequent treatment of this doctor!

“I have been so pleased with Frank Petro and have such a high confidence level in him, that I repeatedly referred friends and coworkers.”

I have been so pleased with Frank Petro and have such a high confidence level in him, that I repeatedly referred friends and coworkers. Many of my coworkers, like me, were very apprehensive about even talking to a lawyer, for fear of losing their job. At no cost to them, Frank would patiently meet with whomever I sent his way, explaining the system and guiding them as he guided me. Everyone I sent to him ended up coming back to me with huge gratitude for sending them to someone who was so caring, explanatory, and thorough.

My wife and I have relied on Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo numerous times over the years for workers’ compensation and personal injury cases. We feel so fortunate to have found Frank Petro as a lawyer and as a friend who we know is always on our side and looking out for our best interest.


My life was changed dramatically when I was hit by a postal truck while riding my bicycle.  One minute I was riding the bike down a sidewalk, avoiding road traffic; the next minute I was being airlifted to the Atlantic City Trauma Center with a brain injury, concussion, and long road of recovery ahead.

I was referred to Barry Cohen by a local friend and was impressed that he came to my house to meet with me and hear my story.  Although I had been given another attorney referral, I was immediately comfortable with Barry’s knowledge and expertise.  It was also very helpful that the firm had a local office here in Cape May Court House.

Because my case involved a Federal agency, it created extenuating circumstances – they required a multitude of tests resulting in a lengthy case period.  Although in hindsight I am very lucky to have not suffered worse than I did, I completely lost my sense of smell, which also affected my taste buds.  It took three years to finally settle my case and I was very appreciative that Barry was on my side the whole time – he knows the ins and outs of the law and worked hard to be sure I was treated fairly.  The Petro Cohen administrative staff was also very efficient and helpful in expediting the case during this long process.

“It quickly became clear to me that Barry has been around the law, he has fought the fights, and he represented me well.”

It quickly became clear to me that Barry has been around the law, he has fought the fights, and he represented me well.  This was clearly not a circumstance in which I ever thought I would find myself – but it helped to know that I had someone on my side who would make every effort on my behalf to ensure I was treated fairly and received just compensation.


My experience with Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo was just fabulous. Not a blip in the entire process. I had searched the Internet for a local female attorney and found Susan Petro in Cape May Court House. When I met with her in their Northfield office, she immediately put me at ease; I felt very comfortable.  I wasn’t even sure if I had a case, but Susan listened carefully to my auto accident details, and took the time to explain how the New Jersey no fault insurance system worked.  She took it from there, handling everything from soup to nuts.

“I have already referred a friend to Susan and she was also very happy with her outcome.”

If a lawsuit can be an enjoyable thing, this most certainly was!  Susan was very aggressive and persistent, very responsive to me.  Her follow-up and organizational skills are excellent and everything was handled around my schedule. I was relatively new to the area so it was so helpful to find someone like Susan who was so well-connected and respected.  My settlement was much more than I expected. I have already referred a friend to Susan and she was also very happy with her outcome.


When I suffered a shoulder injury at work, a co-worker referred me to Stephen Matarazzo at Petro Cohen law firm.  It was convenient for me to meet with him since he had an office in Cherry Hill so I made an appointment to see him in person.  Like a lot of people, I didn’t know what benefits I was entitled to through workers’ compensation, but Steve took the time to explain everything to me.  He went through step by step what I should expect during the process, and everything happened exactly as he said  it would, including the final compensation amount!

“Steve impressed me as someone who really was knowledgeable about workers’ compensation and I left his office with 100% confidence that he would be dedicated to work my case through to the finish line.”

Steve impressed me as someone who really was knowledgeable about workers’ compensation and I left his office with 100% confidence that he would be dedicated to work my case through to the finish line.  Just as Steve had told me, it took nearly a year to reach a settlement, but I was very comfortable knowing Steve and the firm were working on my behalf every step of the way as there was constant communication with him or one of the staff in the office.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Steve – so much so that I have already referred about 10 clients to him, and some of them have referred their friends and relatives as well! The people I have referred have, like me, been very pleased with Steve, so I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in the future.  It’s a great feeling knowing you are in the competent hands of someone who truly cares about you and treats you well!


Frank Petro of Petro Cohen Petro Matarazzo has a radio commercial stating, “In litigation, you don’t get a second chance.” Boy is that ever true!

I feel fortunate to have met Frank Petro years ago and since then he has been my “go to” attorney whenever I have needed advice or legal counsel over the years.

I was at work when I stepped out of my company’s truck and shattered a bone. I wasn’t even sure if I had a case – but I sought out Frank for advice. He reviewed my case and took care of everything. He made sure I got the proper medical treatment, guiding me to an excellent doctor who specialized in these types of injuries, and he helped with the workers’ compensation claim so I didn’t miss a day’s pay.

“Frank gives great legal advice and has an impeccable reputation – not only in advising clients like me, but helping other lawyers, who greatly respect him for his vast knowledge.”

Frank gives great legal advice and has an impeccable reputation – not only in advising clients like me, but helping other lawyers, who greatly respect him for his vast knowledge. He has an incredible foundation in legal circles and is the “king” in the workers’ compensation industry, as was evident when I often saw other attorneys come to him for his recommendations! Not only did Frank usually have the “top of mind” knowledge to guide the other attorneys, but he had probably handled a similar case at least a few times; he knows how to foresee roadblocks and how to navigate the workers’ comp system.

I have used Frank several times over the years and have referred at least 30 other friends and co-workers, who have also referred their friends. I would whole-heartedly refer Frank Petro again and again. He won’t let you down! He is by far one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in the state!


When I ruptured my ACL, I was in tremendous pain.  My physical therapist recommended that I talk with the lawyers at Petro Cohen to assist me with investigating whether I had a case.  I immediately felt like Barry Cohen was a straight shooter – he didn’t promise me the moon, but he was very knowledgeable.  I could sense he was committed to working the case through and giving it his best shot.

It was a long rehabilitation period for me including corrective surgery and months of physical therapy, which resulted in six months out of work.  Barry was there for me every step of the way, attentive to my needs and keeping me informed of the case progress.

“I felt very comfortable working with Barry – he is a gentleman and a true professional, a craftsman at his trade!”

I felt very comfortable working with Barry – he is a gentleman and a true professional, a craftsman at his trade!  I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the case.  Although I hope no one has to suffer the way I did, I would definitely recommend Barry Cohen and Petro Cohen law firm to my friends.


In 2008, an unlicensed driver who was operating his parents’ vehicle broadsided me.  The day after the accident, I had some neck issues and thought it might be whiplash, so I went to a chiropractor and learned it was much more serious. That’s when I contacted Susan Petro.

Knowing the firm’s excellent reputation, I wanted to see what my options might be.

“From the very beginning, I received OUTSTANDING legal advice from Susan Petro.”

From the very beginning, I received OUTSTANDING legal advice from Susan Petro.  I immediately felt I had someone who was on my side. She embraced me and understood my needs, and most importantly, she believed in me.  One of her first pieces of advice was to not speak with the other insurance company, which I wouldn’t have known.

She guided me and my family through such a difficult process.  The unlicensed driver pleaded guilty to all charges in court. In addition to guiding me through the judicial system, Susan guided me through all the medical procedures – orthopedics, neurological, etc.  I was forced to resign my job because of the severity of these issues, while at the same time my husband accepted another job out of state, so it was a very difficult time for us. She guided me through all of the necessary paperwork and these significant life changes, since I was no longer able to perform basic tasks with my arm.

Susan’s guidance, knowledge, and expertise in personal injury is astounding. She always has the client’s best interest at heart.  She takes the time to dig and find out all the particulars to understand exactly where the client is coming from and to verify that you are, in fact, truly injured.  She helps work through all the “nonsense” so that you don’t have to!

She is a professional in her field – and she prepares you, as a professional, to work through the difficult process to get what you need, which was particularly important in my case since I lost my livelihood.

She prepared me and my family to work through what happened.  It was such a relief to know you have an attorney as professional as Susan who always has her client’s best interest at heart. She was very upfront with us – honest, open about what we should expect. She would not promise something she could not deliver.  She told us what to expect and what not to expect.

“I would highly recommend Susan – she is the utmost professional with honesty and integrity that is unmatched.”

I couldn’t imagine recommending anyone but Petro Cohen for personal injury cases. I would highly recommend Susan – she is the utmost professional with honesty and integrity that is unmatched.

We were very happy with the settlement and know that Susan worked so hard to get me what I deserved.  She gave me realistic goals and expectations.  Through her hard work and determination, she got me what I rightfully deserved – more than I could have expected.  She educated me on how to buy insurance in the future, too!


I was in a horrific auto accident that left me in severe pain.  Even though the accident wasn’t my fault, I had a nightmare of a time trying to get my insurance company to help – the pain was so excruciating, I had to lay down, yet my insurance company told me I didn’t need physical therapy.

After weeks of getting the run around from them, I was desperate and decided to seek out legal assistance.  My primary concern was getting the proper care that I needed to heal.  I looked in the phone book for a few lawyers specializing in personal injury and made some appointments to meet with a few and pick the one I felt would best serve my needs.

“Barry Cohen was the first and last attorney I met with, as I knew immediately that he would take care of me better than anyone else.”

Barry Cohen was the first and last attorney I met with, as I knew immediately that he would take care of me better than anyone else.  From the beginning, he treated me like a human being, not a dollar sign!  My focus was on getting proper care; I wasn’t looking for a huge lawsuit settlement. I knew had a champion in my corner – every time I was denied care, Barry and his staff got involved and straightened things out.

Barry was honest with me and trustworthy with a high level of integrity every step of the way. In addition to getting the physical therapy and healthcare I needed, Barry fought for a case settlement that completely exceeded my expectations – I was thrilled!

You hear stories about how difficult it can be dealing with insurance companies in these types of situations, but I experienced it firsthand! I know that the accident could have been much worse.

I was lucky to be alive and lucky to have found Petro Cohen law firm.  I wholeheartedly, without hesitation would recommend Barry Cohen and the firm to anyone who needs a great personal injury lawyer!


During a time of my life after a car accident, I was really so naive about just how physically hurt I really was. I was the kind who avoided doctors. I wanted to believe the well meaning medical professionals who persisted to tell me “You’ll get better”. Day by day, my pain got worse, and worse.

Strong denial set in. This could not really be happening to me. Sleep deprivation, nights of pacing the floor, tears of despair. I reluctantly yielded to a host of doctors and medications. My left arm was going numb. I had my very first surgery (in my life) on my neck. The pain persisted…

At some point during my ordeal, my friend said to me, “Why don’t you call my lawyer?”

“Susan Petro became a beacon of light at the end of my arduous tunnel.”

Susan Petro became a beacon of light at the end of my arduous tunnel. Susan carefully accessed my particular situation. Susan listened.

Lots of people hear. Susan really listened. I felt she was on my side, and to a great degree, understood what I was going through. The staff was always courteous. I always felt welcome to call. The staff was always professional, polite, and I never felt as though I were an inconvenience. Phone contact with Susan through the legal process (which I was unfamiliar with) gave me a clear picture of where we were headed. She was like a guide. I received written copies of all her legal correspondence.

I was not left in the dark. At a time when I did not understand why this happened, or how I would come through, I understood what Susan was doing for me. I knew she was working hard and in my corner. No nonsense here. She always answered my questions clearly.

My calls were always returned in a timely way. Comfort in my time of sorrow. When my body was going haywire, and my recovery was slower than I had ever imagined, I never had to wait and wonder what was happening legally. Shelter from the medical storm I was walking through. Doctors did not have all the answers and did not always return calls. Susan and her staff ALWAYS returned my calls. I could count on it. I knew she was there for me.

I was totally pleased with the results. To this day, I am thankful for Susan’s good work. I would recommend anyone seriously injured to meet with Susan to talk it over.

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"The way my case was handled was of the utmost caliber!...I am now six-months out from surgery and I feel great. I have my life back!"
- Penny L

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