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If you, a friend, or family member are a resident of Gloucester County, New Jersey, and have been seriously injured or disabled and unable to work, the law firm of Petro Cohen is here to help you. Over the years, we have represented people just like you, working diligently to protect the rights of the disabled, accident victims with serious injuries, and people injured at work or who are suffering health problems because of their jobs.

We can assist you if any of the following should apply.

  • You suffered an injury at work or developed, or in some cases, aggravated a serious medical condition while performing your job
  • The negligence of another caused a serious injury.
  • A disabling medical or psychiatric condition prevents your gainful employment.

When you need competent legal counsel, our attorneys can represent you or your family member in a claim with the workers’ compensation system, a personal injury lawsuit, or a claim for Social Security disability benefits. Petro Cohen focuses on these three areas of law so that we are able to dedicate our time and energies where we can do the most good for our clients. Our team of eight lawyers in these three practice areas have more than 200 years of combined experience and have the knowledge and skills to help you get all the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured are work, the first and most important thing is to advise your employer of the injury as soon as possible, even if you initially think that the injury is not serious.  By law, you are required to report the workplace incident to your employer within 90 days of the accident.

Every worker in the State of New Jersey is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of the size of the employer or the length of time the employee has been employed. In fact, you are eligible for workers’ compensation on your very first day of employment.

To ensure you receive all of the compensation that you rightfully deserve, we strongly recommend that you contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney who will be an advocate for you and help guide you through the entire process. Regardless of which law firm you select, you should never be asked to pay fees up front.  Our attorney fees are actually set by the Workers’ Compensation Court and are ONLY paid after the lawyer is successful in obtaining benefits for you. By law, the fee cannot exceed 20% of your recovery.

Many people do not realize that there are three benefits associated with workers’ compensation.  Rather than leave money on the table to which you may be entitled, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be sure you receive all the benefits you deserve.  Although the system is designed to have the Workers’ Compensation court review every case to make certain that the insurance company compensates you properly, you must retain a lawyer to file a Petition arranging for judicial review. Otherwise, you will simply receive whatever the insurance company decides to voluntarily pay, and the workers’ compensation court system is not involved.

Can I Represent Myself in a Worker’s Comp Case?

It may seem that you would get less money by hiring an attorney and representing yourself, we understand that draw. However, by representing yourself, you will not know the ins and outs of the New Jersey worker’s comp system. You may also be quick to settle for a lesser amount just to get it over with. It has been proven that by hiring a worker’s comp attorney, injured workers actually do get more benefits and also decrease the chance they will be denied a claim because of a technicality they were not aware of. Remember, you will not pay fees up front with our firm so it will cost you nothing to get your case started. Fees are paid by the Worker’s Comp court and they can never legally exceed 20% of your award.

As many of our clients will attest, having a Petro Cohen workers’ compensation attorney by your side can be invaluable.  We encourage you to check out the many client testimonials our clients have provided.

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